‘Several’ Boxes Of New Evidence Revealed In Trump Criminal Investigation


As Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance continues his wide-ranging criminal investigation of ex-President Donald Trump and his business, Jennifer Weisselberg’s team has prepared “several boxes of materials” to hand over to prosecutors, according to a new report. Weisselberg is the ex-wife of Barry Weisselberg, who’s the son of the Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, and she has been cooperating with Vance’s investigation since last year. Jennifer — who obtained relevant financial records in connection with her divorce from Barry — has already been interviewed by Vance’s team “several times,” Business Insider reports.

Jennifer’s team includes attorney Duncan Levin, who has worked with Vance in the past and has been analyzing the material in her possession. Jennifer has already provided over half a dozen boxes of evidentiary material to Vance’s team. As Levin put it to Business Insider:

‘We’re basically culling through it methodically, and we will turn over documents and information to law enforcement as is helpful… She has joint-bank-account information, credit cards, tax records, tax returns — that’s the meat of what we’re looking at to see what types of patterns we might be able to find.’

Pointedly, Levin added that he got the “distinct impression that things are heating up and that this investigation is of intense focus for prosecutors at the DA’s office,” explaining: “They are staffed up and ramped up to investigate every aspect of this that they can.” According to Business Insider, Vance “is widely expected to bring indictments before he leaves office at the end of this year” although who those indictments might name — and whether the district attorney’s team is exploring criminal charges against Trump himself — isn’t quite clear.

Vance’s investigation has been focusing on questions including whether Trump’s business fraudulently adjusted valuations of its assets in efforts to obtain financial benefits like tax breaks and favorable loan terms. Vance’s team has also been examining the Trump Organization’s financial relationship with the Weisselbergs, who were provided an array of pricey benefits that could have been reported incorrectly on financial filings. As Levin put it, discussing the Weisselbergs, the “source of funds for their lifestyle was largely from the Trump Organization.” Prosecutors have sought to flip Allen and get him to share potentially incriminating information, but it’s unclear how far they’ve gotten with that effort.