Cindy McCain Appointed To Gov’t Position In Bipartisan Gesture


The president and the former senator were unlikely good friends. John McCain died from the same brain cancer as President Joe Biden’s eldest son had three years earlier, but their friendship goes way back to when the president was a young senator and McCain returned from being a prisoner of war. What an excellent choice the president made when he selected Senator McCain’s widow Cindy McCain for a top job in his administration.

McCain’s widow Cindy McCain, 66, appears to be readying to become Biden’s first Republican appointee to his administration via Senate confirmation. She endorsed President Biden early on in the 2020 presidential election. McCain’s widow was integral to Biden’s win in Arizona. Some called it John McCain’s “revenge.”  At this time, McCain is undergoing a background check, Politico’s sources said.

Former Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman is a close friend of Biden’s, and he said:

‘He and John had a number of issues on which they flat out didn’t agree, but they didn’t personalize it They really liked each other.’

When McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, Senator McCain, his wife, and his children turned to Biden. McCain’s daughter Meghan invited him to ABC’s The View. The president said:

‘If he needed my personal help, I’d go.’


Journalist Robert Timberg said of Senator McCain:

‘In an Athens taverna, he danced on a table with Senator Joseph Biden’s wife, Jill, a red bandanna clenched in his teeth.’


Biden said:

‘He was clearly, kind of, our hero.’

‘McCain joked that he carried Biden’s luggage on those trips – and “resented it ever since.” Biden griped that McCain was supposed to, but “the son of a gun never did.”’

Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) noted:

‘They were always cutting up. Great senses of humor. They were a little bit mischievous.’

Mrs. McCain has long been involved in working to end food insecurity. In the past, she has worked with the U.N. World Food Program:

‘During her husband’s 2008 presidential campaign, she traveled to the country of Georgia with the program and visited wounded soldiers.’

John McCain and Donald Trump had a prickly relationship. Over and over, even after his death, the ex-president insulted the senator. As a five-time deferred young man, Trump evaded service in the Vietnam War. McCain was captured and tortured. The former president said:

‘I like people who weren’t captured.’

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