George W Bush Calls Out ‘Isolationist’ Modern GOP In New Interview


“I’m just an old guy put out to pasture,” President George W. Bush joked Tuesday on NBC’s Today show. His party is in its death throes, or at least, a good imitation of it. The forty-third president could not have returned to the public eye at a better time. This is why.

Host Hoda Kotb asked him how he felt about January 6 at the Capitol. President Bush replied:

‘I felt ill. It made me sick. But I was optomistic.’

President 43 described how the Republican Party of today differed from the party he knew. He said that his Grand Old Party (GOP) was now “isolationist, protectionist,” and nativist.” It had moved far from what it was when he was in office and before then:

‘I would describe it as isolationist, protectionist and to a certain extent nativist. Well, that’s not exactly my vision, but you know what, I’m just an old guy they put out to pasture. So just a simple painter.’

President Bush predicted that the next Republican presidential candidate might even have progressive views about immigration laws. He said that individuals might look to young immigrants who came to America with their parents as children. He also suggested gun reform and funding public schools:

[I think that it depends upon the emphasis. I think if the emphasis [is] integrity and decency and trying to get problems solved, yeah, I think the person has a shot.’

The president has been on a book tour. Out of Many, One: Portraits of American Immigrants, Penguin Random House publisher. The premise for the coffee table book is based upon his striking paintings of migrants, fallen soldiers, and others, figures both known and not as well-known.

The Republican House leadership has been trying to control the nativism growing within the party. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) tweeted that his party was not responding “nativist dog whistles.” The leaked GOP platform called for promoting “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” and infrastructure that reflects “European architecture.” Of course, those weasel words meant that the Republicans want Caucasians to control the nation.

On NBC’s Today Show, President Bush spoke about the former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial:

‘“People know that the trial has been conducted fairly and that rule of law reigns supreme.” -Former President George W. Bush on former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial’

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Then, he responded to a second question about the state of the Republican Party. today from host Hoda Kotb. She queried:

‘How would you describe the Republican Party today? -@hodakotb

Bush did not mince words

‘I would describe it as isolationist, protectionist, and to a certain extent, nativist. -Former President George W. Bush’

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