Legal Move To Thwart Ron DeSantis’ Transgender Law Announced


These are unprecedented times. We find the history of a mob that mass murdered and torched an entire wealthy Black Oklahoma city was totally wiped from our collective history. Then, there is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) who must believe that he is running a small country. He colluded with our ex-president to cook up a sketchy idea that he could prevent Donald Trump’s extradition.  But DeSantis may regret his last law against athletes.

Rachel Maddow pointed to an example of how bent DeSantis laws have become on her Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC). She said The Washington Examiner reported on the DeSantis-Trump criminal indictment talks if Trump is indicted:

‘The fact that officials are even having conversations about how to handle the possible criminal indictment of a former president is extraordinary.’


Most recently, Florida’s first LGBTQ Latinx legislator Representative Carlos Smith (D-FL) tweeted:

‘Appalling. First day of LGBTQ Pride Month and @GovRonDeSantis signs SB 1028 which bans trans kids from school sports. FHSAA has allowed trans kids to participate in FL since 2013 with ZERO problems. This fuels transphobia and puts vulnerable kids at risk for no good reason.’

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The NBC Tampa, Florida affiliate wrote that DeSantis signed the bill on Tuesday, the first day of Pride Month. To make matters even worse, the Florida governor signed the bill on the first day of Pride Month. That bill was written to exclusively halt transgender women and girls from participating on sports teams when their born sex was not the same as their current sex.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released this statement:

‘This upcoming lawsuit in Florida to be filed by the Human Rights Campaign comes amid a rash of anti-transgender sports ban legislation being taken up and passed in states across the country. Today’s bill signing by Governor DeSantis took place on the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month and within 12 days of the anniversary of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, Florida.’

‘Lawmakers across the country who support these bills have failed to provide examples of any issue in their states to attempt to justify these attacks on transgender youth, laying bare the reality that they are fueled by discriminatory intent and not supported by fact.’

Last March, Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) signed an executive order banning transgender girls from participating in sports. Her harsh comment was biased against transgender girls in sports, but it is apparently okay with her if they want to become governors:

‘Only girls should play girls’ sports.’

HRC President Alphonso David emphasized that his organization would stand against “anti-equality forces” for Florida’s and other states’ transgender youth:

‘Gov. DeSantis and Florida lawmakers are legislating based on a false, discriminatory premise that puts the safety and well-being of transgender children on the line.’

  • Over 30 states passed or advanced bills seeking to prevent transgender students from participating in sports.
  • Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi have all enacted legislation similar to Florida’s.
  • Louisiana legislators handed Governor John Bel Edwards’s (D) the same bill. If he vetos it, Congress will likely override it.
  • Texas legislators recently killed a similar bill.

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