Chris Wallace Owns Trump’s Goon During ‘Fox News Sunday’


Fox News moved so far to the right that it fell off of the Cliff of Reality and landed in Crazy Town, which only exists in Donald Trump’s fevered mind. But there are exceptions to those delusion-pushing talking heads, and his name is Chris Wallace. Take a look at how the traditional newscaster speerfished one of the ex-president’s bagmen.

During the North Carolina Republican Convention, 45 showed up on the stage, his fingers cramping up from the lack of his Twitter and Facebook exercise. As usual, the ex belly-flopped onto three of his favorite themes. They were China Bad, Russia Good, and Trump Arises in August repeated over and over throughout his 90-minute speech.

Sunday morning, the ex-POTUS sent one of his bagman, Corey Lewandowski to Fox News. During an interview, Corey Lewandowski, who was once with One America News Network and Fox News, argued that the former president was “tough on China.” And his proof was the tariffs he imposed.

Lewandowski was also one of Donald Trump’s serial campaign managers. But now, he had a great idea for President Joe Biden. The 46th president should create a special congressional commission to investigate China where the COVID-19 virus originated.

Fox’s Chris Wallace drug Lewandowski back to the reality that Trump never investigated the country when he had the power to do so. Why not?

The Fox News host delved deep into Lewandowski’s spiel:

‘At least two months after Donald Trump was warned by his own national security adviser that this was going to be the greatest threat of his presidency and proceeded to play it down — as late as March 27th of last year, Donald Trump was still praising [Chinese President Xi Jinping] and still talking about how cooperative he was.’

Then, the host came to the crucial question:

‘Again, if he was so concerned about the Wuhan lab if he wanted he had the opportunity as president, why didn’t he get tough with China then when he had the opportunity?’

Lewandowski answered with a classic Trump diversion tactic. He blamed Dr. Anthony Fauci:

“We were listening to what the media has defined as the experts and Dr. [Anthony] Fauci specifically.’

Oh, please. That tired old refrain? Wallace said “Corey! Corey! Corey! Corey:”

‘Come on, Corey! Corey! Corey! Corey! Wait a minute! You’re telling me that the president — you’re going to blame the president’s inaction on Dr. Fauci?;

Then, Lewandowski turned to another Trump trick, corrode other’s words and bend them around the truth until they became his own:

‘No. But look, Chris, if we’re going to follow the science and listen to Dr. Fauci, he has been lifted up by the media as the foremost expert on this matter in the world. Listen to what Dr. Fauci said.’

‘First, he said masks would not be needed. Then he said banning flights coming in from mainland China were [sic] not necessary and now we know, Chris, that Dr. Fauci, through his government agency, funded at least $800,000 of government taxpayer money to the Wuhan laboratory.’

Lewandowski was on a roll using the old questions-equal-truths ploy:

‘The question with all the emails coming out from Dr. Fauci is what did he know and when did he know it? And did he give information to the president which we could have used to prevent a series of these deaths from occurring?’

Wallace finally released his iron grip on his guest with a final shot that Trump refused to wear a mask for three months after the “CDC recommended it:”

‘We could go on on this and the fact that the president refused to wear a mask in public for over three months after the CDC recommended it. But let me move on to another subject.’

Watch the Wallace-Lewandowski interview on Fox News below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YOUTUBE.

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