Stacey Abrams Reveals Marching Orders To Defeat The GOP Traitors


As the Republican Party continues to roll out — and in some cases enact — a nationwide slate of suppressive new voting restrictions, voting rights activist Stacey Abrams has a plan to go after the schemes. On Monday, she shared a message directing readers to her organization Fair Fight, where Americans who are concerned about the impacts of Republican voter suppression efforts can volunteer to help defend the right to vote. As Abrams put it, “free and fair elections are ALWAYS worth fighting for.”

On Twitter, Abrams commented as follows:

‘The GOP is not slowing down in its attacks on our freedom to vote—but free and fair elections are ALWAYS worth fighting for. Join me by volunteering with @fairfightaction to help defend our democracy today:’

Prominent Republicans have frequently obsessed over Abrams as though she’s some kind of election fraud mastermind, which is obviously ridiculous and disconnected from the facts. Notably, it’s Donald Trump himself who has been placed under criminal investigation in Abrams’s home state of Georgia for election interference efforts. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis recently kickstarted an investigation into Trump over his efforts while still in office as president to pressure Georgia officials into undercutting Biden’s win in the state, despite the fact that no meaningful evidence of election fraud has emerged anywhere in the country.

Abrams has been involved in advocacy work like voter registration drives. As Emory University Professor Andra Gillespie summarized it to Reuters, Abrams “went out and registered thousands of people to vote and then created the tools to help remind them about the election process,” and these efforts were a crucial assistive step for recent Democratic victories in Georgia. Besides Biden’s close win last November, Democratic contenders Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff also won U.S. Senate races in the state in January, delivering control of the Senate to Democrats, which has helped with getting Biden nominees confirmed and with the passage of an ambitious COVID-19 economic relief plan earlier this year.