‘The Lincoln Project’ Declares ‘America Is Back’ In Viral New Video


On Thursday, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project celebrated the progress that the United States has enjoyed under the Biden administration, re-sharing a video of remarks by President Biden on the occasion of his first overseas trip as president and proclaiming that “America is back.” This week, Biden went to Europe, where he was set to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and others.

In the video, which originally came from Biden’s official presidential Twitter account, the president says as follows to a crowd of troops:

‘I’m so proud to be here with all of you to kick off my first overseas trip as president. The United States is back, and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges. Our alliances weren’t built by coercion or maintained by threats. They’re grounded on democratic ideals and where every voice matters.’

Watch his comments below:

Even Biden’s work to meaningfully engage with foreign leaders — rather than posting a slew of bullying tweets about them — shows a stark change from the Trump era. When he was still in office, former President Trump repeatedly marked his interactions with foreign leaders by angrily and ignorantly ranting online. Bizarrely, Trump once even derided France for their struggles during World War II. Around the same time, Trump also complained about French tariffs on U.S. wines, writing on Twitter that the situation was “not fair” and “must change.” That seems like the extent of Trump’s foreign policy strategy — whining “Not fair, must change!” and little else.

After meeting with the U.K.’s Johnson this week, Biden said that he and the British leader “renewed our pledge to defend the enduring democratic values that both of our nations share that are the strong foundation of our partnership.” Meanwhile, ex-President Trump continues to go after the foundation of democracy in the United States with his brazenly false assertions that the U.S. electoral system is untrustworthy and plagued by fraud.