Conservative Spies Infiltrate Democratic Campaigns For Trump


They looked like any young progressive couple eager to support the Democrats running for election. The idealist couple donated big bucks to open the political door and worked up to two years as such. Sometimes, they supported moderate Republican candidates. But they were political spies run by an actual British spy.

They were paid by a conservative donor to work as operatives and infiltrate groups all across the West. Their purpose? To “manipulate politics and reshape the national electoral map.”

If the $10,000 they each donated to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were their own, no problem. But if not, that would not have been illegal, according to The New York Times:

‘[Beau Maier and Sofia LaRocca went to] a cocktail reception beforehand, they worked the room of party officials, rainbow donkey pins affixed to their lapels.’

‘[T]he operatives aimed to gather dirt that could sabotage the reputations of people and organizations considered threats to a hard-right agenda advanced by President Donald J. Trump.’

The former British spy Richard Seddon had been referred by the man who began the Blackwater mercenary organization, which morphed into another company, Erik Prince.  A wealthy heiress to the Gore-Tex fortune Susan Gore footed the bill.

The couple worked in Wyoming and other states:

‘[The operation’s use of spycraft to manipulate the politics of several states over years greatly exceeds the tactics of more traditional political dirty tricks operations. It is also a sign of how ultraconservative Republicans see a deep need to install allies in various positions at the state level to gain an advantage on the electoral map.’

‘Secretaries of state, for example, play a crucial role in certifying election results every two years, and some became targets of Mr. Trump and his allies in their efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.’

Sofia LaRocca and Beau Maier went to Las Vegas for the Democratic primary debates. Seddon had a network of conservative activists whose goal was to discredit any of Donald Trump’s “enemies.” They also carried out a sting operation in 2018 against H.R. McMaster, who was the ex-president’s national security adviser. In addition, the crew set up secret surveillance of FBI employees plus additional government officials, The Esquire Magazine reported.

Prince recruited Seddon to “to train conservative activists in the basics of espionage, and send them on political sabotage missions.”

The couple had been affiliated with James O’Keefe’s nonprofit, Project Veritas. The nonprofit had targeted liberal organizations such as Planned Parenthood, taped them secretly, and manipulated the videos. In one instance, they shut down ACORN, an organization that helped people of color through the voting process.

LaRocca gave two names to party officials, the other was “Cat Debreau” which sounded more like a stripper name. She explained that the reason she had two names was that she had an online stalker. But after the police told her that her stalker had reformed, she went back to LaRocca.

Then Digital Director for the Wyoming Democratic Party Nina Hebert said:

‘Her story from the start rang very untrue. The police don’t call you and say, “Hey, your stalker is better.”‘

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