Trump Flops At Comeback Speech During Sunday CPAC Debacle


The GOP clown show continued this weekend as the Dallas edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) rolled on, with an appearance on Sunday by former President and whiner-in-chief Donald Trump himself. At the event — to a crowd of Republican activists, who heard from other leading, high-profile conservative figureheads in recent days — Trump yet again rehashed his nonsensical claims that last year’s presidential election was somehow rigged for Joe Biden. On the one hand, it’s embarrassing that Trump has spent months on end pushing this same delusion. Concurrently, however — the delusion remains dangerous, as shown by the deadly riot at the Capitol.

Trump is inept and seems completely out of his depth. Over and over, he goes in rhetorical circles, sounding like he has essentially no idea what he’s talking about and is basically making it up as he goes along — and Republicans stick by him. At CPAC, Trump ranted as follows:

‘Every time the media references the election hoax, they say, “The fraud is unproven! And while there is no evidence — ” No evidence? No evidence. There’s so much evidence. You saw what happened in Georgia the other day. They found 35,000 votes. Then they deleted, in Georgia, over 100,000 votes. I said, because they were so bad voters. I said, why didn’t you try doing it before the election?.. Why didn’t you do it before the election? There’s bad things going on in this country. Very bad things.’

Watch below:

Trump is not accurately reflecting what has gone on — basic, factual claims that he made are not correct. For instance, votes were not “deleted” in Georgia. Rather, state authorities recently announced plans to remove a large number of “obsolete and outdated” voter registrations from the rolls. There’s no connection between the removals and imaginary fraud.

Meanwhile, Trump also addressed, among other issues, the southern border. While in office, of course, Trump expended considerable energy going after migrants and asylum-seekers. One of the most infamous examples of the Trump administration’s targeting of migrants is, no doubt, the policy of separating families who arrived at the border, but the examples go on from there. Now, Trump says that the southern border has turned into “the single greatest disaster in American history and perhaps in world history.” Are those who were listening to Trump at CPAC over the weekend familiar with the concept of critical thinking? His characterization of the southern border as possibly the greatest disaster in world history is nonsensical (and, of course, underpinned by racism).