Arizona ‘Audit’ Disgraced After Fact-Check Shows Cyber Ninja Deception


Cyber Ninjas, those sailors of the Arizona election voting-machines audit run side-to-side in their rickety ship of fools nearly tipping it over with their lack of knowledge about how voter-ballot audits are supposed to work. That makes sense, given they have never done a ballot audit before. But they have not taken responsibility for their journey down River Styx. More about that in a minute. But a true breathe of fresh air has broken free of its polluted waters.

The Styx was supposed to be a river between the Underworld and earth where souls are transported in Greek mythology, The Guardian reported. If they lie to Zeus upon arrival, he makes them drink its poisonous waters. Actually, at least the river might have been real and filled with deadly bacteria. But the Ninjas have not performed a real audit. They are a joke.

The Republican-dominated Arizona Senate gave a briefing about their so-called “audit” of Maricopa County’s 2020 election. They claimed Donald Trump could have won, according to CNN.

The cybersecurity company’s Chief Executive Officer (CFO) David Logan had no experience in election auditing. His claims were immediately questionable. He said his company’s people went door-to-door asking the County voters about their votes, which is not legal.

Logan claimed his elections data were “real problems” or “clerical errors of some sort:”

‘For example, we have 74,243 mail-in ballots where there is no clear record of them being sent.’

Spokesperson for the former president Liz Harrington and others such as Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) claimed 74,000 ballots were questionable. The Colorado representative tweeted:

‘In Arizona, 74,000 ballots were counted with no record of being sent in. That’s not normal. That’s not right. That’s not safe nor is it secure.’

Donald Trump sent out a written statement:

‘[In the Senate’s briefing] 74,000 mail in ballots received that were never mailed [magically appearing ballots].’

Facts First found “no evidence of their fraud:”

‘There is no evidence of either fraud or any significant error with these ballots, and certainly not “magically appearing ballots.” Both Maricopa County and outside experts say there is a simple explanation for the gap Logan claimed had not been explained: the existence of in-person early voting. Contrary to Logan’s claims, the ballot lists he was talking about include not only mail-in ballots but also ballots cast early in person.’

Here is why many votes were not on the requested ballots list. The list was not updated after October 23, 2020. The submitted-ballots list did.

Election Analyst at ABC15 television in Phoenix and a former official in the Arizona secretary of state’s office Garrett Archer comes with mastery of Arizona’s election data. He is known locally and on Twitter for his expertise on the state’s elections data.

Given that October 24 and 25 were weekend days:

‘[T]he county clerks did not update the submitted-ballot list, so they added the ballots cast by in-person voters on those weekend days to the submitted-ballot totals starting on October 26.’

Archer tweeted of the auditors:

‘This is a glaring omission in the analysis..It is either grossly negligent for failing to see a pattern of ballots being returned after a certain date or the statements were deliberately misleading.’

Elections Expert at Maricopa County’s Elections Department for well over a decade Tammy Patrick tweeted:

‘[T]he requested-ballots list stops getting updated 11 days before Election Day but the submitted-ballots list continues to get updated until the day before Election Day.]’

Patrick tweeted of the auditors:

‘AGAIN: They don’t know what they’re looking at.’

‘Experts have made clear that he [Logan] simply did not understand the data.’

Logan also claimed that Maricopa County simply stopped verifying voters’ signatures at some point in the election. A mystery affidavit claimed the verification process started with:

‘Yeah, we’ve had an affidavit that specifically stated that when mail in ballots were received that so many of them were received that the standards reduced over time. [There were 20] points of comparison [and[ after some time [it went down to 10 points,  then five, and then] and then eventually they were just told to let every single mail-in ballot through.’

The office of Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer (R) strongly denied this:

‘At no point during the 2020 election cycle did Maricopa County modify the rigorous signature verification requirements. Any suggestion to the contrary is categorically false,” the recorder’s office said on Twitter.’

The experts could not specify what they should do next, given that none of them had seen Logan’s affidavit.

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