Montana Resident Ruins Tucker Carlson’s Vacation With Confrontation


Self-obsessed fraudster Tucker Carlson was confronted over his dangerous antics by a fellow shopper in a Montana fishing supplies store this week. Carlson, of course, consistently uses his primetime show on Fox News to push despicable, ignorant nonsense, with little apparent regard for how closely that his remarks actually line up with documented reality. At that Montana store, local fly fishing guide Dan Bailey told Carlson — to his face — that the Fox host is “the worst human being known to mankind,” adding: “I want you to know that.” In a caption alongside footage of the interaction that Bailey posted to Instagram, he observed that it’s “not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it!”

Watch the interaction below:


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In April, among other examples of his attention-seeking antics, Carlson said on his show that “maybe” the vaccine against COVID-19 “doesn’t work, and they’re not telling you that.” Needless to say, there’s no real-world evidence to support that idea. Carlson also repeatedly promotes outright racism, without apparent concern for the embarrassing ignorance and outright bigotry underlying his remarks. Once, he claimed that at the Potomac River, “litter is left almost exclusively by immigrants” — which is nonsensical and, of course, starkly racist. More recently, Carlson also insisted on his show that “it now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia, last November,” adding that such “is not a conspiracy theory. It’s true” — but, well, it’s not true, at all.

These lies have real-world consequences. What if someone dies of COVID-19 who could have been saved had they been vaccinated but decided against the vaccine because of Carlson’s self-serving pandering? These are not small matters. Are Carlson and the executives at Fox who assist with his show accepting of blood on their hands? These people are a craven disgrace to this country.