‘The Lincoln Project’ Roasts Donald Trump & His GOP Traitors


Donald Trump thinks he wants to be president. But really, what he wants is to be king. As he said, “Don’t we own an island somewhere (to send first coronavirus patients on cruise line)?” Then, he answered his own question “Yeah, Cuba!” Well, we could give him that “island” called Guantanamo. He would never know the difference, would he?

The Lincoln Project consists of a group of very talented, very savvy Republicans and former Republicans who spent years sharpening their wits against the Democrats, but now they are focused like a laser on Trump. This organization was just featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes. This show’s demographics are all over the political spectrum, so the segment may catch plenty of people who think little about politics.

Democratic strategist James Carville offers this bit of wisdom about Republicans. He was saying that Democrats do not know how to fight. “Republicans are mean.” Certainly, the Lincoln Project has not pulled any punches. It points out that Trump is not around in any major way, but the Lincoln Project is. So is the ex-president sure he wants to run again, because if so, he is in for a world of hurt:

‘You sure you want to do this again, Donald?’

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