Buttigieg Appears On ‘Fox Sunday’ To School Conservative Goons


With the Senate on the verge of passing a bipartisan infrastructure spending agreement, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg went on Fox News Sunday over the weekend to discuss the latest developments. On Fox, Buttigieg noted how — contrary to the insinuations of certain Republican leaders — Democrats’ priorities are, in fact, right in line with the priorities of many everyday Americans. What Democrats are trying to do would entail substantive, real-world help for people who may be struggling, which contrasts strikingly with the so-called “thoughts and prayers” offered by so many Republicans.

In addition to the bipartisan infrastructure agreement, Democratic leaders are also hoping to pass another spending bill that would address what they’ve called “human infrastructure.” This additional spending would include items like support for child care and home health care. Notably, both the bipartisan infrastructure agreement and this additional proposed spending package would function as jobs bills, creating significant numbers of accessible jobs around the country if put into place.

As Buttigieg pointedly put it:

‘The vision that the president has put forward is embraced by the majority of Americans. Certainly the majority of Democrats, but independents and an awful lot of Republicans agree on the things that we need to do. Not just this infrastructure bill, but the idea that, with all these loopholes, you’ve got corporations not paying their fair share. The idea that Americans deserve to have paid family leave like people in just about every other country. That health care ought to be more affordable. That four-year-olds ought to be able to get Pre-K and that community college ought to be free. There’s nothing radical about these ideas. They are mainstream ideas pretty much everywhere except certain circles in Washington, where we’re trying to make sure that Capitol Hill catches up to where the American people already are.’

Watch Buttigieg’s comments below:

Contrary to predictions from former President Donald Trump, the economy has fared well with Joe Biden in charge. In July, unemployment sank by half a percentage point compared to the previous month, hitting 5.4 percent, while in June, the rate was at 5.9 percent. In addition, the economy grew at an annualized rate of 6.5 percent in the second quarter of this year, showing — by all appearances — the success of Biden’s efforts to support the nation’s economic recovery from the ravages of the pandemic. Biden’s efforts included an ambitious and wide-ranging economic relief package known as the American Rescue Plan that he signed into law earlier this year.