‘The Lincoln Project’ Targets GOP Governors For Killing Americans


They would rather take an over-the-counter horse dewormer than the coronavirus vaccine. Has anyone ever seen the size of a horse pill? It would choke a goat, let alone a human. Top Republicans jump up and down like little girls over a free, accessible vaccination that prevents them and their anti-vaxxers from dying of the coronavirus pandemic. Seems sort of self-defeating, does it not? They cringe at the idea someone would put something into their bodies. Hey, wait just a minute.

The big boys have been arguing that they have a right to prevent the government from putting a foreign something into their bodies. Oh, yeah? Then why was it okay to insist women seeking an abortion in Missouri submit to a second totally unnecessary invasive sonogram, especially victims of rape.

The GOPers hypocritically and righteously claimed to be pro-life. At the same time, Republican legislators and Republican governors have been forbidding school districts from instituting masks mandates for everyone and coronavirus vaccines for the adults. That does not make any sense. And by the way, who was it that said women were the emotional sex? The Lincoln Project took Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to task with its latest video You Call This Pro-Life?

Governor Ron DeSantis appeared to believe that freedom from masks was more important than the tragic and extremely painful kids’ version of coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), according to News 4 JAX (Jacksonville). Children dying from it are uncommon for now, but the number of kids in hospitals has jumped dramatically.

Just 12 coronavirus made up the conspirators who flooded our social networks, according to  NPR. But the Republican leaders certainly jumped onto the propaganda boat in the Donald Trump moat. Governor DeSantis has been going down hard on his state’s children. Other Republican governors have followed suit:

‘[H]ospitals primarily based in the southern U.S. are reporting a sharp uptick in the number of children they are seeing admitted, with some hitting new pandemic records, as the delta variant continues to drive a concerning surge in cases and hospitalizations nationwide.’

Major children’s hospitals in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida have been fighting against a rapid increase of children with coronavirus and have broken all records, according to The Forbes Magazine. At children’s hospitals in Little Rock and Springdale, the hospitals’ chief clinical officer told  CNN it has 24 total pediatric patients, which has increased dramatically, with “seven in intensive care and two on ventilators.”

  • In Florida’s  Palm BeachSt. Petersburg, and in Jacksonville a “top pediatric infectious disease specialist counted a record 20 children currently hospitalized across the city.”
  • One children’s medical center doctor called the influx the “worst we’ve ever seen it for kids.”

  • The number of patients at Children’s Hospital New Orleans nearly tripled from six to 17, which is a record.
  • In Baton Rouge, the chief medical officer of Our Lady of the Lake Dr. Catherine O’Neal said it had “11 kids admitted to the children’s hospital on Covid-19 as of Tuesday, an amount she said “we have not seen before.”’
  • The Alabama Hospital Association President Don Williamson reported that 32 children were currently hospitalized with Covid-19. 

Check out The Lincoln Project’s latest:

‘You call this pro-life.’

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