Chris Wallace Fact-Checks Mitch McConnell Over Afghanistan Lies


Some say he is a turtle, but we think he is more like a toady sort of guy. Granted Senate Minority Leader Mitch “Grim Reaper” McConnell seems about as lively as the mighty turtle. His secret power throughout his tenure has been to squat over his ultra-conservative judicial appointments and seed the U.S. with them. What else? (Thinking) Oh, and he stole President Barack Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, current Attorney General Merrick Garland. And…well, that is about it for old Turtle Man. But then, he squirted out some bitter criticism in that sweet, sweet monotone of his.

All he appeared to want was to keep his job, his power. But then he came out of the mud where he has been sunning, shook himself awake, and appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Not surprisingly, the Kentucky senator had earlier gone after President Joe Biden’s handling of the evacuation from Afghanistan.

This time, he started off his appearance on Fox News Sunday with as straight a face as his chin would allow by declaring that the Afghan 20-Year War was a “complete success.” Then, he continued his lie by saying that our nation could have kept an “indefinite military presence” there with only 2,500 soldiers, according to The Politico. Wrong.

Fortunately, Chris Wallace has remained a straight news straight man, which has been a nearly dead breed at Fox. He noted that President Joe Biden’s advisers said that would have taken 10,000 additional troops.

Wallace asked him about a “full-scale” return to war:

‘Does President Biden have a point there? If in April, he had said, “Hey, the Trump deal is off. We’re staying in. In fact, we’re going to beef up the number of troops,” he contends we’ve been back in a full-scale war with the Taliban and, unfortunately, taking a lot of casualties.’

McConnell stomped his little foot and said that was “totally not accurate.”

‘We haven’t lost as many as 13 people, which we lost Thursday, in any of the last four years. Our casualties since 2014 have been quite modest. Quite modest.’

McConnell was on a rant insincerely claiming it was “very regretful” to lose “a couple of thousands of our people.” Aww, do not get all choked up over their deaths Grim. He continued:

‘Remember in the whole war, we have regretfully lost a couple thousand of our people. That’s very regretful but the Afghans have lost 65,000. They have been fighting. And we’ve been in the background helping them with counterterrorism and the ongoing training of the military.’

There was no way McConnell could explain why the Afghan government and its military folded in 11 years, after 20 years of Americans’ blood, sweat, and tears.

Then, Wallace asked Turtle Man about COVID spikes in Florida and Texas, but governors still instituting mask mandates, according to

For an old guy, McConnell moved pretty fast. He bobbed and weaved before he jumped on to the Governors Greg Abbott (R-TX) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL) telling the audience to “get vaccinated:”

‘FOX’s Chris Wallace asks Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) about COVID spikes in Florida & Texas and whether their Republican governors are making a mistake banning locals from imposing mask mandates. McConnell evades on Govs. Abbott/DeSantis, urges everyone to get vaccinated.’

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