Gov. Abbott Hit With Major Legal Action For Endangering Texas Kids


We have had it with these Republican governors who are more interested in paying homage to the ex-president and current democracy demolisher than their state’s children. A ban on mask mandates in the schools? That is just downright stupid. One teacher wore her mask all the time…except once when she did storytime. She felt her allergies coming on, but you got it, it was the coronavirus. The two front rows of her children just tested positive. Here is what some Texas mothers did.

Parents with kids who have compromised immune systems have decided to take Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) to court over his school mask ban, according to The Caller-Times. Then, they added the Texas Education Agency as a co-defendant.Screen-Shot-2021-08-30-at-9.25.33-AM Gov. Abbott Hit With Major Legal Action For Endangering Texas Kids Coronavirus Education Featured Politics Top Stories

One of those mothers told The Corpus Christi Caller-Times that protecting the state’s kids should be the top priority, but “the government is not doing anything to protect school kids:”

‘Kids are dying, the ICUs are full, and our government is not doing anything to protect school kids.’

This mother was one of those who joined the lawsuit. There were 14 immunocompromised children’s parents named in the lawsuit according to the lawsuit. They have done so in an attempt to beat Governor Abbott’s order, the one that prevented school boards from enforcing no-mask mandates.

Riki Graves’ daughter Juliana had to have a heart transplant when she was born. Understandably, this mom wanted her daughter to go back to school, where she is a first-grader. But not at the cost of her safety. That meant masks had to be throughout the schools.

The lawsuit read:

‘In spite of national and local guidance urging precaution, Governor Abbott’s Executive Order prohibits local school districts from even considering whether to implement the most basic and effective COVID-19 prevention strategy in school settings.’

The lawsuit also read that parents of these medically vulnerable students had been forced to make the decision between fatally endangering them or homeschooling. That was the consequence of the governor forcing schools to halt COVID safety measures.

Unfortunately, the Texas Supreme Court breathed life back into Abbott’s disastrous order in San Antonio and the county it is in, Bloomberg News reported. The court ruled that a lower court was wrong when it suspended Abbott’s mandate. It might not be long before additional counties’ were faced with the same problem:

‘The lawsuit charged Abbott with three violations of federal law, including a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The lawsuit was filed in the Austin Division of the US District Court for the Western District of Texas. ‘

The parents of the 14 children suing the state wanted a temporary restraining order against Abbott in the immediate future.

People across the country have expressed their outrage over Abbott’s position, both within and without Texas. Some of the state’s school districts have simply ignored his order and/or blended them inside of their dress codes. Then on August 20, the court suspended his order due to legal and other challenges.

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