Trump Family Secrets Spilled In New High Profile Tell-All Book


She floated around the White House during the Donald Trump administration like a nuclear submarine and, perhaps, just as dangerous. The woman moved between the former First Lady Melania Trump’s orbit and that of Donald Trump’s. The former first lady spied her first and pulled her in as her chief of staff. After the ex-president lost Sarah Sanders, he stole her to become his press secretary and communications director. The ex did share her with Melania, though.  As the antique robot warned via YouTube on the 60’s show, Lost in Space warned “Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.”

A former Grisham coworker in the West Wing told Axios that her new tell-all book has been studded with “surprising new scandals” and will shake the first family’s very foundation:

‘When I heard this, all I could think about was Stephanie surrounded by a lake of gasoline, striking a match with a grin on her face.’

Grisham’s former West Wing colleague told Axios:

‘There isn’t enough water on earth to contain the fire she could set to all of Trump world, including parts like the first lady’s orbit, which not many people are in a position to illuminate. It’s hard to articulate how much anxiety this is going to cause.’

Later, she went back to work exclusively for Melania without even a word to the press, according to CNN Anchor and Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto in this tweet:

‘Breaking: Stephanie Grisham is out as WH press secretary. She is leaving the job without even telling the press.’

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Grisham said she was on the gig “riding it until the money runs out,” a source told a reporter at The New York Times. It must have been on January 6, because that was when she left the Trump White House. Surely, that date had some significant precipitating link to her departure, but we will have to wait until October 5 when Harper Collins is releasing her new book  I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in The Trump White House. Her book is currently ready for preorder on Amazon.

An Axios source has reported on Grisham:

‘[Stephanie Grisham] was the only person to have served as a top aide to both President Trump (White House press secretary and communications direct0r) and first lady Melania Trump (chief of staff).’

A source told Goodreads:

‘She knows things that no one else has learned. This is a first-person testimony from someone who has heard and seen it all.’

An individual who has read the book said:

‘Grisham knows where all the bodies are buried because she buried a lot of them herself. [She] has receipts … she was a press person and it was her job to make sure she knew what was happening.’

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