Judge Rules Against Anti-Abortion Manics In Texas Bounty Case


They are purveyors of death yet they wrap themselves in the holy garb of abortion dictates. How can they be both? They cannot. Hypocritically, they stand against in their warrior togs in the great fight against vaccinations and choice even as they secretly rest on the comfortable knowledge of their own coronavirus shots and secret abortions. But look closely at their fighting ensembles. They have not one scratch nor any scuff marks. Their holstered swords are all handles and a dull stubby blade just two inches long. It is all show resting upon a bed of lies, and worse, intentional life-and-death misinformation.

These not-so-Grand Old Party (GOP) politicians truly believe that their constituents are too stupid or too apathetic to care. They consider them as simply donation machines cranking out the votes and nothing more.

Fortunately, there are still superheroes for the rights of women to choose in this fight to take down our great nation while installing the king with no clothes on the altar of the cruel. A Texas state judge just issued an injunction against Texas Right to Life, an anti-abortion anti-choice group determined to scrape in their $10,000 bounties by suing Planned Parenthood in Texas. Their suit claims the organization for women’s health is breaking the new six-week only abortion ban, according to the CDN, a content delivery network.

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Travis County Court Judge Karin Crump banned this anti-choice group and any affiliate from filing a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, should it choose to violate Senate Bill 8, according to PBS. This is the law banning nearly all Texas abortions. The law does give private individuals the power to enforce it.

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Only the Texas Right to Life will be impacted by the ruling. This suit is part of the pro-choice advocates’ efforts to deaden the ridiculous law. Short-term restraining orders against this organization and other anti-choice advocates are temporary as proponents of choice seek out permanent injunctions, CNN reported.

A conservative-heavy Supreme Court refused to take action against this Texas law, and as a result, abortion clinics across the state have pretty much halted all abortion proceedings. That is, unless a woman is under six weeks pregnant. These nonprofits cannot afford a continuous flood of lawsuits.

The judge’s injunction against Texas Right to Life became immediately effective and will last until a minimum of April 2022. That is when the trial on this case will be held. It follows an earlier order.

Attorney for Planned Parenthood Federation of America Julie Murray told the judge:

‘[Planned Parenthood is] complying with SB8 precisely because of the overwhelming threats of litigation [and a temporary injunction] will not restore abortion services …but it will prevent and reduce the litigation exposure and constitutional harms that [Planned Parenthood] will experience.’

Both parties came to an agreement detailing the terms of the injunction after almost two hours.

The Justice Department also announced it is suing the state of Texas to bring the outrageous law to its heels.

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