Trump Suffers Deranged Weekend Mental Collapse Over GA Results


In recent days, former President Donald Trump yet again got in touch with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) to push falsehoods about the integrity of last year’s presidential election. In a Friday letter to Raffensperger, Trump claimed that tens of thousands of absentee votes should be deemed invalid because of supposed violations of chain of custody rules for ballots, and in the same letter, Trump implored Raffensperger to examine the supposed problem. (Trump’s claims obviously amount to delirious ranting — and that’s essentially it.)

In his letter, Trump also asked Raffensperger to “announce the true winner” after conducting the investigation that the former president sought. The implication seems pretty obvious — months after an election and months after the winner of that election took office as president, Trump wants a top official to step in and attempt to essentially nullify the outcome of that election, making him the winner instead. Such a move is a disgrace to the millions of Americans who diligently participate in the democratic process as it exists in the United States year after year. In short, Trump’s pushing a dangerous mish-mash of self-obsession and wannabe authoritarianism.

In his letter to Raffensperger, Trump also complained as follows:

‘People do not understand why you and Governor Brian Kemp adamantly refuse to acknowledge the now proven facts, and fight so hard that the election truth not be told. You and Governor Kemp are doing a tremendous disservice to the Great State of Georgia, and to our Nation — which is systematically being destroyed by an illegitimate president and his administration. The truth must be allowed to come out.’

None of what he said in that paragraph has any meaningful relationship to reality. Trump is basically like a live action role-player (LARPer) at this point — he’s willfully living in a fantasy world with himself at the center while competent leaders and members of the public work together in order to address actual issues and problems facing the people of this country. Check out Trump’s angry letter to Raffensperger in full by clicking on the post below:

Notably, Trump spoke with Raffensperger about related concerns while he was still in office as president. At the time, Trump begged Raffensperger to “find” the votes that the then-president believed were present and could flip the outcome in the state, where Biden won. There is no indication of systematic problems involving missing Trump votes — and the then-president’s pressure on Raffensperger is driving a criminal investigation from Atlanta-area District Attorney Fani Willis into Trump’s election meddling.