Another Trump Attorney Ditches Him As Family Collapse Intensifies


Well, when it looked as if Donald Trump could not dig himself deeper into the swamp mud, there he is. We remember that he often refuses to pay his attorneys. And still, there appears to be an endless supply of them willing to come forward and walk off of the disaster cliff surrounding the ex-president. Who knows why. But this one just decided to catapult himself out of the Trump orbit.

The attorney Charles Harder, was one of the fortunate ones. He has escaped the Trump circle of doom with less damage than most — he even got paid. When questioned about his departure from Trump, he said:

‘I’m not allowed to discuss attorney-client matters, so I cannot respond except to ask who is saying this because they are probably making it up.’

This is a problem for Trump losing his top attorney, because he currently faces civil and criminal investigations in both Georgia and New York. There is a civil suit over his misuse of inauguration money. Two women have filed defamation lawsuits. Oh yes, then there is the January 6 failed coup. And of course, the latest suit of many regarding his taxes. Did we mention he is suing his niece?

Harder is the attorney who filed a lawsuit on behalf of Donald Trump’s brother Robert to halt Mary Trump and publisher Simon & Schuster from releasing her memoir, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. A year after it was released.

Harder was Trump’s man when he forced The Daily Mail to pay Melania Trump a $2.9 million settlement, according to Money. This was over a story about her work in the 1990s, which has since been retracted. In addition, CNN reported that Harder’s firm was the Trump campaign’s biggest legal cost. Harder filed a number of lawsuits against the media, including The New York Times.

Trump used to refer to Harder as a “hard-charging attack dog of the rich and the powerful.”

The former Assistant New York Attorney General who took down the Trump University scam, Tristan Snell told The Daily Beast:

‘[Attorneys have a duty to their clients, so] withdrawing as defense counsel in an ongoing investigation isn’t normal.’

Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich sent an email to The Daily Beast:

‘This is absolutely false and the circumstances you’ve described are detached from reality. Your sources are either ill-informed, dishonest, or don’t exist.’

Sekulow said:

‘My responsibilities on the constitutional issues, as they pertain to former President Trump, have been concluded.’

Mukasey referred to the “high-powered mob attorney who has tag-teamed Trump Organization cases” alongside of him, Reuters reported:

‘PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that I, Marc L. Mukasey, of Mukasey Frenchman LLP hereby withdraw my appearance as counsel of record for Respondent Eric Trump. Respondent Eric Trump will continue to be represented by Alan Futerfas.’

Trump just sued his niece Mary using Alina Habba, 36, who lives in Bedminster, New Jersey where Trump’s National Golf Club is located. Her hot resume shows she was also general counsel for a parking garage company, The Week reported.

Trump has wanted to give Harder the old heave-ho all year. The ex did not like Harder’s loss ratio. Plus, he actually paid this guy, according to CNN.

In early September, Trump notified New York state’s Supreme Court that:

‘[H]is longtime lawyer Marc Kasowitz was no longer acting as his attorney in a high-profile legal dispute between the former president and Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant who is suing Trump for defamation after he denied her claims that he made unwanted sexual advances against her, including groping and kissing her without her consent in 2007.’

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