Jen Psaki Stops To Scold Newsmax Reporter For Being A Degenerate


Jen Psaki may have one of the most difficult jobs in President Biden’s administration. What she faces every day does not look like much fun. Fortunately, she wields her weapon, a sharp tongue attached to a sharp wit, exceptionally well.

White House correspondent Emerald Robinson lives within the far-right Newsmax nest. This rapscallion waits until the press conference is over before shouting out more questions. We saw this creature lie in wait for Psaki on Tuesday.

The press secretary had been discussing the president’s reaction to the “horrific” actions of a few U.S. Border Patrol agents using their horses to herd Haitian migrants just inside of our U.S. southern border and seemingly stropping them.

In the midst of this circus, Psaki responded to the administration’s criticism:

‘I don’t think anyone could look at those photos and think that was appropriate action or behavior or something that should be accepted within our administration. There’s an investigation. That’s ongoing. We’ll let that play out. But our reaction to the photos has not changed.’

The press secretary ended the interview with the traditional:

‘Thank you, everyone.’

One of the reporters acknowledged the conclusion by responding:

‘Thank you, Jen.’

That was when Robinson continued to attack Psaki with poop bombs of her own:

‘I have a question. On the polling. The president’s polling continues to collapse …’

Psaki called out the miscreant:

‘Emerald, I know you like to shout at the end. Next time, we’ll do it during the briefing.’

Then, the press secretary walked out briefing book in hand. But Robinson was having none of it. She lobbed a big old sarcastic poop bomb at the woman:

‘Well, if you’d call on me…’

Psaki seemed to strategize that it was far more useful to treat Robinson as the ill-mannered child she has been and cut her off cold. The press secretary continued out of the room and gave the traditional equivalent of “this is over to the room:”

‘Thank you so much.’

Apparently, Robinson is just as untrained as the rest of her breed. She seemed to be quite pleased after the interaction and turned to the camera as this tweet shows:

‘223,000 views and counting.’

Another Newsmax dogsbody, primetime host Greg Kelly, tweeted to Emerald:

‘WOW! PressSec (Psaki) really SUCKS at being PressSec.’

Check out the version here:

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