Trump To Be Questioned Under Oath In Sex Assault Groping Case


The question is, “Can Donald Trump swim?” Because otherwise, he going to drown in a dirty flood of criminal investigations. And unless he finds some crooked exit paths away from the messes he has created, he is screwed. His Christmas present for one woman will be coming early this year.

Remember Summer Zervos? We know, there have been so many women who have come forward to say that 45 sexually molested them. Six months ago Trump’s appeal in Zervos’ case fell on deaf ears, according to The Law & Crime. But Monday, it was a wholly different situation.  When she asked to schedule his deposition prior to Christmas, the judge’s law clerk let her know that “all fact-discovery in the case  including depositions of Trump and Zervos—will be wrapped up before Christmas:”

‘New York’s highest court dismissed Donald Trump’s appeal, his accuser Summer Zervos asked to schedule his deposition before Christmas during her first hearing of his post-presidency on Monday. The judge’s law clerk indicated that all fact-discovery in the case—including depositions of Trump and Zervos—will be wrapped up before Christmas.’

Now that Trump was just a citizen, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Schecter’s law clerk Michael Rand indicated that they had no need to delay. You see, prior to the ex-president’s exit from the Oval Office, the court was willing to work around his time demands. The law clerk set a deadline of December 23 to put a “The End” sign on all fact discovery. And that would include the depositions. Rand said:

‘Now, he’s a private citizen.’

Somehow, Trump managed to find yet another attorney to represent him, even though he always has refused to pay them. Zervos said she would file a counterclaim “under New York’s new anti-SLAPP law, a statute designed to deter lawsuits intended to chill speech.”

Zervos claimed that the ex-president “groped her in a Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007.” She was a contestant on Trump’s reality television show The Apprentice when she filed her lawsuit in Manhattan’s Supreme Court.

Zervos filed her lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court just three days before Trump took office. Her attorney Moira Kim Penza noted that she planned to speed up the proceedings and “try to depose Trump.”

Zervos said Trump “ambushed” her, The New York Dailly News reported:

‘[He was] forcing himself on her in his hotel room against her will and also touched her breasts and pressed his genitals against her without consent “on more than one occasion.”’

Indeed, this lawsuit has less to do with the alleged crime and more with “Trump’s reaction to them.”

After the Access Hollywood disclosure, the then-candidate insisted:

‘To be clear, I never met her at a hotel or greeted her inappropriately a decade ago.’

Trump later tweeted on his then-active Twitter account that the parade of women accusing him of sexual misconduct “made up” of claims that “never happened.”

Zervos’s lawsuit quoted Trump’s crude language to Billy Bush on videotape. That was to be the act followed by the leaked tape to form a link to what happened to her.

Just three days prior to the Inauguration Day, Zervos brought a lawsuit to the New York County Supreme Court. It was a full year before the presiding judge advanced the case. In the tape, the soon-to-be president said:

‘I don’t even wait, and when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.’

Judge Jennifer Schecter wrote a 19-page finding in March of 2018. It cited a 1997 Supreme Court ruling that pointed to a defamation suit against President Bill Clinton according to The Court House News:

‘No one is above the law.’

The then-president appealed the order at every turn, claiming that his office made him immune from such civil claims. An intermediate appellate court in New York rejected Trump’s challenge, and he had already lost the 2020 election and left office by the time state’s top court rejected the last-ditch appeal as “moot:”

‘Now a private citizen, the defendant has no further excuse to delay justice for Ms. Zervos, and we are eager to get back to the trial court and prove her claims.’

There has been a minimum of at least 12 women who stepped forward during the presidential campaign and accused Trump of unwanted advances.

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