Donald Trump’s Overall Online Popularity Is Dropping Like A Rock


Remember those first days of no tweets from the fast-fingered orange makeuped man temporarily living in the White House? It was such a relief that we barely recalled how to act in a battle-free tweetless environment. Then, January 6 hit, and we were distracted from this. But day after day, the solace replaced the stress of Donald Trumpdom, and our bodies said “Thanks!” Now, he wants back onto Twitter, to turn our newfound strength into chaos.  But why?

He has asked a federal judge to restore his Twitter account. After all, press releases were just not doing it for the ex-president. Neither were his campaign-ish rallies. We actually began to forget this tweetless man. And we have had the winter, spring, and now the autumn to distance ourselves even further from him.

Should Trump make Twitter take him back, he could light a fuse to his ongoing battle once again against Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) for giving truth to his stolen election lie.

After February, our ex’s top day in social media was the day his minion Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) demoted her on May 12. In August and September, his top day was September 9. That was when the ex endorsed her opponent Harriet Hageman. Cheney’s response? It was short and sweet:

‘Bring it.’

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The number of clicks to pages including his name went way down to 37 percent in August and September from June and July. The collected data from “SocialFlow’s network of publishers” showed the number of clicks via social media posts. It was a 50 percent drop when Axios compared it to the month of March. That was the first time he truly began falling from the news of “his February impeachment trial.”

So what is the deal? People have just stopped writing about him as much. He has become old news. If we compared August and September to March and April, there were “26 percent fewer stories” about 45 as per the “exclusive data supplied to Axios by NewsWhip:”

‘The latest: Last week, Trump filed a motion asking that a federal judge force Twitter to reinstate his account, which has been banned for nine months.’

‘Last July, Trump filed lawsuits against the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter over censorship claims. He is eligible to return to Facebook in 2023, when his two-year suspension expires.’

Screen-Shot-2021-10-06-at-9.17.55-AM Donald Trump's Overall Online Popularity Is Dropping Like A Rock Donald Trump Featured Politics Social Media Top Stories

The Florida News reported:

‘Twitter banned Trump from its platform in January, following the Jan. 6 riots that resulted in the death of five individuals.’

On January 12, he was originally suspended for 12 hours. Two days later, Twitter decided to remove him permanently:

‘The app originally suspended Trump for 12 hours for “repeated and severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy” in response to his false assertions that the election was fraudulent. Two days later, the platform moved forward with a permanent ban, inspiring other social media like Facebook and Snapchat to do the same.’

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