The ‘Lincoln Project’ Hammers Rupert Murdoch & Fox News Propaganda


In one of their most powerful ads, The Lincoln Project spoke directly to us with eye-opening information. In it, these creative, brilliant former Republicans show how we can actually do something to limit Fox News’ cancer on America.

Rupert Murdoch was born in Australia and turned into a propagandist oligarch who has been scooping up the dollars as his Fox News network turns Americans’ lives upside down. He bought Fox, then went after The Wall Street Journal. He even consumed our longtime staple, The National Geographic Magazine.

As The Lincoln Project’s ad tells us, Murdoch never assimilated into America’s value system, into our patriotism. But we are not without means to take back Carlson’s salary.

So what can we do? If we have cable that includes Fox News, part of our monthly cable bill goes right into Murdoch’s pocket. The people at The Lincoln Project gave us the answer. Hit the old guy where it hurts him the most, in his wallet by calling our cable providers and telling them to remove Fox from our lineups. So there, Murdoch.

Check out The Lincoln Project’s remarkable ad here:

‘Who pays for Rupert Murdoch’s attacks on America? It might be you.

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) November 1, 2021′

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