‘The Lincoln Project’ Marks The Anniversary Of Trump’s Defeat With Viral Video


This Saturday is the first anniversary of the day when most observers in the national media called the 2020 presidential race for Joe Biden, leading to impromptu street celebrations around the country. Over the weekend, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project shared a video commemorating the occasion and the new dawn for the United States that the moment represented. Although Trump continues to talk a big game — and continues to spread the brazen lie that he was the rightful winner of that election — the fact of the matter is that he lost, by millions of votes. Very serious threats remain, but Trump has been trounced — for now.

In the Lincoln Project video, a narrator says as follows:

‘The end is coming — the end of the noise and lies. The end to the chaos and division. The end of the hate. In its place, a new America is ready to stand tall again, ready to restore the goodness in the heart of our nation. Ready to put people before politics. Ready to lead, to innovate, to grow, to heal. It won’t always be easy… But that new day is coming… That day is coming because of your hard work, your commitment, your energy and passion. That day is coming because of your vote.’

Watch below:

Just last week, the Biden administration scored a significant victory with the passage by the House of a bipartisan infrastructure agreement, providing about a trillion dollars in support of the infrastructure needs of the United States. As explained by The New York Times, the plan — which was left ready for Biden’s signature after the House vote, since the Senate already approved it — “will provide $550 billion in new funds over 10 years to shore up roads, bridges and highways, improve internet access and modernize the nation’s power grid. The measure also includes the United States’ largest investment to prepare for climate change: $50 billion to help communities grapple with the devastating fires, floods, storms and droughts that scientists say have been worsened by global warming.” That’s a marked change from the Trump era, when Trump tried and failed to oversee the enactment of any major infrastructure plan.