‘The Lincoln Project’ Reminds America To Support Biden During Veterans Day Video


For the first time in two decades, America is not at war in Afghanistan. But the war continues in the hearts of the 18 million veterans who served this country. From World War II veterans who struggle to rise from their wheelchairs and salute to the youngest “once a Marine always a Marine,” they march to the drummer of memories, and nightmares, which we cannot imagine. The Lincoln Project reflects our gratitude for their service and sacrifice in a beautiful Veteran’s Day tribute.

These young people join up for many reasons, but “service” is a cause that we rarely consider. It arises out of an ability to reach above their own concerns to come together on our behalves. The Republicans in the House and Senate would do well to take a lesson from them. Because they show us what it means to be “patriotic.”

The Lincoln Project notes that all military members take an oath of office to the United States Constitution, the foundation of our democracy. President Joe Biden lost his eldest son to a cancer he believes was caused by the toxic fumes from the burning dumps at his base.

Memorial Day honors the dead. Veterans Day is the time we come together to honor the living. What kind of life do we want for our veterans? They face PTSD, loss of limbs, and physical, financial, and emotional struggles. War changes people.

We can monitor the Veterans’ hospital, hire those who have retired, and vote. We do this to give them the understanding that we are their partners. Voting is how we keep a veteran-friendly administration in office.

Take a look at this beautiful Lincoln Project video:

‘We hold our veterans in reverence today — and every day.’

Paul Woyshner, a 40-year Marine has been attributed with the official Marine motto, “Once a Marine always a Marine,” according to The Marine Corps University.

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