Biden Shuts Up GOP Haters During Infrastructure Victory Speech


Joe Biden has brought good jobs, two million of them, back to America as he signed his roads, bridges, internet, trains, and other infrastructure bill today on the White House lawn.

President Dwight Eisenhower had the foresight to build an entire Interstate Highway System in 1956, and it transformed us. But since then, Republican legislators have neglected to provide maintenance as every homeowner knows is important. President Biden’s bill is just as transformative if not moreso.

The woman who walked with the president and VP across the White House lawn told her personal story of leaving incarceration and having so much trouble finding someone to hire her, but then she found a home at the Ironworkers’ Union. She said as NBC carried it live:

‘I never imagined I would ever be here doing this.’

And President Biden chimed in:

‘Neither did I.’

Before signing his bill, the president tweeted:

‘Today, I’m signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. We’ve accomplished what Washington has long promised but never done: a historic investment in this country’s infrastructure.’

Then, afterward, he said:

‘It’s official, folks: I’ve signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law.’

After that, President Joe Biden was already moving on this second infrastructure bill. He tweeted:

‘American families across the country are facing rising costs on everything from gas to groceries. The Build Back Better Act will lower costs for health care, child care, and elder care—and cut taxes for the middle class. Let’s pass it.’

Vice President Kamala Harris added her tweet:

‘Today, @POTUS will sign our Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. This historic investment in our nation’s infrastructure from roads and bridges, to high-speed internet—is an investment in all Americans. Let’s get to work.’

The White House administrators said the bill will be put into action almost immediately:

‘They’ll see the effects of the bill — this bill — probably starting within the next two to three month. [It is] that going to have a profound impact over time.’

State and local officials were present in the blustery outdoor seating, ABC affiliate in Philadelphia, PA reported:

‘Key business representatives will also take part in the celebration, including the leaders of United Airlines, Ford, the US Chamber of Commerce, and other groups. And unions, including leaders of IBEW, Teamsters, and United Auto Workers, were present.’

Congressman Rob Portman (R-OH) was one of the speakers, and he tweeted:

‘”This infrastructure investment shouldn’t be a one-time bipartisan accomplishment,” says Republican Sen. Rob Portman ahead of President Biden signing the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill Congress passed earlier this month.’

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) said:

‘Today, I’m signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law. We’ve accomplished what Washington has long promised but never done: a historic investment in this country’s infrastructure.’

Republicans who attended were:

‘Senators Lisa Murkowski [R-AK], Susan Collins [R-me], Rob Portman [R-OH ], and Bill Cassidy [R-LA]…GOP Representative Don Young of Alaska and Tom Reed of New York.’

Moderate Democrat Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) gave a speech, while Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) sat and remained still, not clapping amidst the celebration. Although Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) voted for the bill, he did not attend.

Governors and mayors across the nation attend, too, according to CNBC:

‘Gov[ernor] Larry Hogan of Maryland, with whom Biden highlighted provisions from the package last week in Baltimore, Democratic Governors Kate Brown of Oregon and John Bel Edwards of Louisiana, plus the mayors of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Columbia, South Carolina, Long Beach, California, and Chicago, Illinois.’

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt (R) said the bill will provide funding for his city’s roads and bridges:

‘This is a celebratory day for mayors. We have fought for the better part of a decade to get this major investment in our nation’s infrastructure. So I’m very pleased that Congress and the White House were able to work together to finally get this done. This means a lot for roads and bridges, water infrastructure, broadband, passenger rail, transit, all the things that are core infrastructure and that cities like mine really need help with.’

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, a senior adviser will manage the implementation of this massive bill for President Biden:

‘I will oversee the most significant and comprehensive investments in American infrastructure in generations — work that independent experts verify will create millions of high-paying, union jobs while boosting our economic competitiveness in the world, strengthening our supply chains, and acting against inflation for the long term.’

The bill passed and will include, according to The Associated Press (AP):

  • Roads and Bridges
  • Public Transit
  • Passenger and Freight Rail
  • Ports and Waterways
  • Electric Vehicles, Even School Buses
  • 5,000 plug-in electric quick vehicle chargers
  • Internet Access
  • Modernizing the Electric Grid
  • Airports
  • Water and Wastewater

Check out the White House lawn celebration here:

‘A glimpse of the crowd as President Biden’s infrastructure bill-signing ceremony begins soon. It’s a large gathering with Democratic and Republican lawmakers as well as governors and mayors making the trip to DC.’

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