Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Phone & Communications Data


The House committee investigating the Capitol riot appears to be continuing to broaden its search for records that could help provide a crucial look at what unfolded on January 6 and in the days and weeks surrounding it. Now, the committee has subpoenaed phone records from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, although the specific individuals whose communications are being targeted are not immediately clear. Fox News obtained a copy of a notice that AT&T sent to one of the subpoena-targeted individuals regarding the committee’s demand for information, but personally identifying information in the document had been redacted.

The notice from AT&T to whoever it is whose data was the subject of a subpoena said that they were “sending this notice to your address on file to enable you to contest the subpoena if you wish to do so.” The company apparently indicated in the document that they’d comply with the subpoena — or at least start the compliance process — by December 16, should the targeted individual decline to move forward with a challenge to the subpoena.

As summarized by Fox News, the committee’s AT&T-tied subpoena demands lists of information including “all the authorized users on a certain account, email addresses associated with it, the length of service with the company, every phone number on an account, electronic serial numbers,” and a lot more, such as “all call, message, (SMS & MMS), Internet Protocol (‘IP’), and data-connection detail records associated with the phone numbers, including all phone numbers, IP addresses or devices that communicated with the phone number via delivered and undelivered inbound, outbound, and routed calls, messages, voicemails and data connections,” as the subpoena put it. It seems safe to imagine, based on this information, that the committee is looking for evidence of, among other things, pre-planning and/ or foreknowledge of the attack on the Capitol.

No members of the riot investigation committee would apparently provide details about the subpoenas when asked by Fox News. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), for instance, merely said that he was “not gonna get too far ahead of what we’re releasing. But we’re gonna get – we’ll be thorough, we’ll get to the bottom.” At this point, the riot investigation committee has issued a large number of subpoenas, targeting individuals ranging from pro-Trump rally organizers to ex-officials in the Trump White House. Predictably, Republicans continue to complain about the investigation, but what are observers supposed to do: ignore a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol by domestic extremists supporting the then-president? Read more at this link.