Biden Nominates 2 New USPS Board Members In Signal To Dejoy


If our mail is late, we can blame one person. United States Postal Service (USPS). Postmaster General Louis DeJoy  The trouble was that President Joe Biden could not fire him. Why is that? There is a postal board that has to vote to him out. The trouble was that it had a Republican majority. That is until now. Our sitting president announced in a thunderbolt move that he was nominating two former officials to the Board. One of the nominees is a Democrat and one is a Republican, The Forbes Magazine reported.

This came as a revelation to the USPS officials and many members of Congress, according to The Washington Post.


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said:

‘We are, of course, deeply troubled, continue to be deeply troubled — as many Americans are — by the earlier reporting on Postmaster General DeJoy’s potential financial conflicts of interest and take serious issues with the job he’s doing running the Postal Services.’

The Press Secretary continued:

‘It’s up to the board to make a determination about leadership, but we have continued concerns about the postmaster general’s leadership.’

  • ‘Conflict of interest
  • FBI investigating him for campaign violations
  • DeJoy has slashed service hours
  • Arbitrarily removed mail processing equipment
  • Caused unprecedented and widespread delays
  • The USPS has more than “$206 billion in liabilities and debt, up more than $30 billion from when DeJoy started.’


  • ‘DeJoy maintains financial ties to the former company as USPS awards it new $120 million contract
  • Slashed service hours, arbitrarily removed mail processing equipment
  • Caused unprecedented and widespread delays
  • People will have to pay more for their mail
  • Get slower service’
  • Politically motivated to actions by Trump

Former Treasury Secret Steven Muchin (R) lowered delivery standards threatened to withhold important investment in the USPS, which is “facing financial, service and public relations crises,” but the president’s new appointees could fix that.


DeJoy is currently under an FBI investigation:

‘The ensuing letter and package backlogs stretched into the holiday season when, as coronavirus infections sidelined a significant chunk of the postal workforce, on-time rates for nonlocal mail dropped to 38 percent — a historic low.’

In a partisan move Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Gerald Connolly (D-VA), along with Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-NJ), asked President Biden to replace Bloom.

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Senator Gillibrand (NY) made a statement:

‘During a time when Americans have relied on the Postal Service for prescriptions, benefits and voting.’

Forbes wrote:

‘DeJoy’s new 10-year strategic plan went into effect on October 1, which the regulatory board overseeing USPS has criticized and 20 attorneys general have filed a lawsuit to block. Democratic legislators have put pressure on Biden to replace Bloom.’

When will we see DeJoy ousted? It could come in any moment, but probably after the new year.

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