Schiff Taunts Trump Over Jan. 6 Records Seizure After Court Ruling


During an appearance on MSNBC, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) — who serves on the House committee investigating the Capitol riot — insisted that he is “confident” that the investigative panel will successfully obtain certain records from the Trump era that have been under dispute. Trump filed a lawsuit in an attempt to keep the committee from getting ahold of these materials, but a federal appeals court recently ruled against him, concluding that the “very essence of the Article I power is legislating, and so there would seem to be few, if any, more imperative interests squarely within Congress’s wheelhouse than ensuring the safe and uninterrupted conduct of its constitutionally assigned business.”

The problem is that the appeals court — or more specifically, the three-judge panel that handled the case — put their ruling on hold to provide for an opportunity for Trump to appeal his loss to the U.S. Supreme Court. As of this point, the riot investigation committee has yet to obtain the records — although it’s worth noting in the meantime that, just because Trump appointees sit on the Supreme Court, that doesn’t mean decisions will automatically be in his favor. The court rejected his attempts to keep his tax records from investigators with the District Attorney’s office in Manhattan, and it also rejected attempts at overturning the election outcome.

Asked on MSNBC about the importance of the committee eventually obtaining the materials under dispute, Schiff commented as follows:

‘It’s very important. Of course, we don’t know all that’s in there. But we have received cooperation from any number of witnesses, including, for a time, Mark Meadows, so we know some of what’s in the [National] Archives. And if the rest of what’s in the Archives is anything like what we’ve received already, it’s going to be very important for our committee. I’m confident we’ll get it. The question is just, how quickly will we get it. We are, when witnesses fail to cooperate, looking for other ways of getting the same information. And this is one very important source.’

Watch Schiff below: