Jen Psaki Rejects Peter Doocy’s Christmas Tree Phony Outrage


Fox News personalities continue to stew in outrage over the burning of a large artificial Christmas tree that was outside of the network’s headquarters in New York City. Tucker Carlson, who leads one of the network’s most prominent shows, characterized the fire as an “attack on Christianity” — which is just ridiculous. Still, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy took outrage over the destruction of that large, fake Christmas tree to the White House briefing room this week, where he questioned Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki about whether President Joe Biden found the fact that the arsonist who burned the tree was released from custody to be “good governance.”

Biden has nothing to do with the law enforcement decisions of local authorities in New York City. Doocy just seemed desperate for some kind of confrontation, as though he hoped to elevate the tree incident to a higher level. After mentioning other criminal acts as well, Doocy commented as follows:

‘We’ve seen an arsonist burn down a half a million dollar Christmas tree in New York City — [and now they’re] back out on the streets. Does the president think that that’s good governing?’

Psaki replied with the following:

‘Again, I think I’ve spoken to the president’s concerns about retail theft and the actions we’ve taken. For specific cases, I would point you to the local police departments or the Department of Justice.’

She quickly shut him down. Check out Psaki’s comments below:

Sure, the United States and world are facing a sometimes seemingly only growing list of serious problems, like the persistence of COVID-19; natural disasters such as the recent tornadoes in Kentucky, Illinois, and elsewhere; general climate change; the encroaching authoritarianism represented by developments like the Russian military build-up near Ukraine; and a whole lot more — but Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy remains gravely concerned about a crime that injured no one and has already been responded to by local authorities.