Jan 6 Committee Serves Trump Campaign Manager With Subpoena


Phone and communication records of ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale have now been subpoenaed by the House committee investigating the Capitol riot. On Wednesday of this week, Parscale told The Daily Beast that he had received a notice from his cellphone company that his records were the subject of a subpoena — and he also indicated that he opted against trying to fight the subpoena in any form. Parscale insisted that he “had nothing to do with Jan. 6” and has “zero to hide” — although he has previously spoken about pre-election preparations to challenge the eventual results.

The riot investigation committee has cast a broad net, looking into not just the violence itself but what led up to it. The circumstances surrounding the violence obviously include months of lies from ex-President Trump and others about the integrity of last year’s presidential election, which he has falsely claimed — and continues to falsely claim — was somehow rigged for Biden.

As explained by The Daily Beast, Trump “demoted [Parscale] in July [2020], and cut the relationship off entirely in September, after police arrested Parscale at his Florida home during a domestic dispute.” After Parscale, Bill Stepien took over as Trump’s campaign manager — and he’s been subpoenaed by the riot investigation committee for documents and testimony and is apparently now engaging with the diligently working panel in some form. The committee noted in a press release discussing Stepien’s subpoena that the former president’s “campaign reportedly urged state and party officials to affect the outcome of the November 2020 election by asking states to delay or deny certification of electoral votes and by sending multiple [slates] of electoral votes to the United States Congress.”

In a Fox interview, meanwhile, Parscale has stated as follows:

‘In April of 2019, I sat down with my team, and I said, let’s come up with the biggest Election Day operation ever, because voter fraud is going to be rampant… If it’s not going to be rampant, everyone’s going to think it’s rampant. Or they’re going to game it.’

In other words, Parscale sounds as though he’s very much in a position to have relevant details in his communication records. As of this point, the riot investigation committee has heard from over 300 witnesses, and the panel has multiple weeks of public hearings planned for next year. Read more on the Parscale situation at this link.