‘The Lincoln Project’ Celebrates Trump’s Really Bad Week


The Lincoln Project spoke directly to Donald Trump in its latest crushing video. Its members certainly know where the ex-president’s soft spots are and how to really stick it to him. The video ground its heel right into Trump’s desires for a “total coverup.”

Then, the video told the former resident of the White House that the good life was ending. As much as Trump would like to be a king or even “president,” he is not. The video made that point loud and clear:

‘No, you are not a king. You are not still president.’

Trump stacked the court with three extremely conservative judges. But he did not know enough about how our government works to understand they were not “his.” Eight to one they voted against Trump’s desire to keep his records sealed and away from the House January 6 Select Committee, according to The SCOTUS blog.

The video kept on pounding Trump announcing he had lost in the Supreme Court eight to one. Making it even more painful, The Lincoln Project reminded him that the three judges he appointed “betrayed” him, “crushed” him:

‘These are your judges, Donald.’

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As MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell host said of the Trump coverup:

‘The dream of a total Trump coverup is dead.’

The Lincoln Project video further explained:

‘The application for stay of mandate and injunction pending review presented to the CHIEF JUSTICE and by him referred to the Court is denied.’

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