Alexander Vindman Heaps Praise On Biden For Outmaneuvering Russia


Alexander Vindman rose to the ranks of Army lieutenant colonel and Director for European Affairs.. That was until he told the truth to Congress, and Donald Trump fired him. With his expertise, Vindman expressed admiration for President Joe Biden in a tweet. Both he and the president know that the only thing Russia’s President Vladimir Putin respects is strength.

People in Ukraine are sending their children to the western regions of the country as Putin plays games with the West’s minds. America’s government warned that he could attack his neighboring country at any moment on Wednesday. Today the Russian president said he is pulling back his troops which had been practicing war games. Which is it?

President Biden handed Putin a full hand of options. The Lt. Colonel praised our sitting president, tweeting he “did not blink when challenged:”

‘However this turns out, it’s 100% clear that @POTUS @JoeBiden held fast to democratic principles and did not blink when challenged by the world’s most bellicose autocrat. America’s adversaries will think twice about testing U.S. resolve. #GoJoe’

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Russia was sending out “mixed signals” and told CNN World News:

‘We are seeing Russian openness to conversations. On the other hand, the intelligence that we’re seeing today is still not encouraging.’


The Lt. Colonel pointed out the addition of “Russian field hospitals” and “more battalion tactical groups:”

‘We’ve got Russian field hospitals being constructed near the border with Ukraine, in Belarus for [what] only can be construed as a preparation for an invasion. You’ve got more battalion tactical groups actually being brought closer to the border with Ukraine, according to the intelligence that we’re seeing.’


Vindman continued, seeing an “avenue for diplomacy” to continue:

‘That means withdrawing the battalion tactical groups away from a potential theater of conflict, not constructing field hospitals on the border with Belarus and between Belarus and Ukraine; a sense that things are being scaled back, scaled-down, that the threat is over and the conversation and negotiation is beginning. We think there is an avenue for diplomacy.’

Dr. Vindman is suing Trump for smearing his name when the career officer testified before Congress. According to MSNBC, he indicated that there was a circle of people in and out of the White House and one media member who tried to:

‘[P]revent him from and then punish him for testifying.’


They spread the lie that Vindman was a Ukrainian spy. As a result, the Lt. Colonel’s career tanked. But he “did the right thing”

‘A high-ranking member of the military who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, Vindman did the right thing. Concerned about the call’s legality and possible national security implications, he reported it up his chain of command. When subpoenaed to testify before the House of Representatives, he willingly told the truth. In other words, he did precisely what we would hope our public servants would do.’

People have been holding their breaths waiting for Putin to get in or go home.

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