63 Year Old Trump Rioter Captured By Feds For Role In Jan 6 Attack


63-year-old Michigan resident Matthew Thomas Krol has now joined the hundreds of Capitol riot defendants who have been arrested on charges of assaulting or impeding police, and his charges include alleged offenses that could land him up to 20 years or more in jail, if found guilty. Krol is identified by the Justice Department as the “self-professed executive officer of the Genesee County Volunteer Militia,” and the Department explains that on the day of the riot, he “attacked an officer with the Metropolitan Police Department. He [then] grabbed the officer, spun him around, and stole his police baton. He then held up the baton to the crowd and used it to strike other officers, including one who was holding a shield.”

Krol’s specific charges now include assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers using a dangerous weapon or inflicting bodily injury — a version of the assault on police charge that comes with up to 20 years in jail, if found guilty. He has also been charged with civil disorder, engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds, and more, making for a potentially lengthy combined sentence. Specifically, more than 235 of the Capitol riot defendants who have been charged so far have faced charges including assaulting or otherwise impeding police in some form, and the longest sentences that have been doled out so far have included multiple years in jail for people who pleaded guilty to the offense. Florida resident Robert Palmer was sentenced to more than five years in jail for assaulting police — the longest single stint in custody so far.

The first trial for a rioter is scheduled to begin this month in the case of Texas resident Guy Reffitt, who had a handgun while at the Capitol and later threatened members of his family in an attempt to keep them quiet about his involvement in what went on. Weapons that were present at the Capitol during the violence there include knives, chemical irritants like pepper spray and bear repellant, axes, baseball bats, and more — the notion that what went on wasn’t actually all that threatening is not supported by reality. As former D.C. Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone, who helped defend the Capitol that day, explained things, “This was an orchestrated event. Despite the fact that most of the people on the ground are buffoons, so what? There are 15,000 of them.” Trump continues to refuse to substantially distance himself from the violence that rocked the Capitol complex; instead, he has repeatedly raised the prospect of pardoning Capitol rioters if he wins the presidency again.