Poll Shows Bipartisan Support For Biden Over SOTU Speech


When President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union speech, both sides of the aisle stood and clapped, more than once. Given how long it has been since that occurred, it creates just a little corner of hope. It appears that Americans like that feeling of optimism and patriotism that President Biden gave them, too, according to a new CNN Poll.

CNN‘s poll showed that 55 percent of President Biden’s audience liked what he had to say. Although 45 percent of the country claimed he had not given “enough attention” to our more important issues. Of course, he has had a pandemic, two Democratic senators who killed his most important bills, and a few other little problems to juggle during the year he has had in office.

Before the State of the Union speech, those numbers were considerably worse. Only 44 percent thought he had the right priories while 56 percent disagreed.

The ever-important Independents had been falling away from our president’s side. Only 30 percent indicated that President Biden had the right priorities, but that quickly shifted to 48 percent after his speech.

When it came to the economy, around 30 percent of the poll’s participants believed his economic policies would move our nation in the right direction. After the speech, that number virtually doubled to 62 percent. Before the speech, 64 percent of those watching it said, the president’s handling of the COVID pandemic would move us in the right direction. That number leaped to 73 percent afterward.

CBS reported that most viewers thought President Biden’s speech made them feel optimistic and proud.

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Last year during the honeymoon phase, President Biden had better numbers. On January 21, 2021, he gave his first speech while in office. It is technically not a State of the Union speech, given he had nothing to do with its current state then. Of those watching this speech, 72 percent believed his economic plans would move the nation in the right direction, and 86 percent thought his COVID pandemic policies would, too.

A full 69 percent of those interviewed indicated that our president did about the right amount around the Ukrainian-Russia war. There were 31 percent who disagreed. Thirty percent told the interviewers that President Biden’s address gave them more confidence in his ability to deal with the situation. Then, 56 percent said it made no difference, and 14 percent said they become less confident.

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Sixty-two percent said the president’s economic policies would take America in the right direction, and 38 percent said they would not. As far as inflation, 47 percent thought our president dealt with it in his speech. But 53 percent said he did not. Similarly as far as violent crime went, 46 indicated that he said enough and 54 percent said he did not.

The interview was done via text message. There were 544 American adults who watched the speech and completed the interview. They signed up in advance of the speech and were determined by “probability-based sampling techniques.” The margin of error was +/- 5.5 percentage points which is high.

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