Historic Friday Jobs Report Shuts Up Biden’s GOP Haters


In February, U.S. employers added 678,000 jobs — so as former President Donald Trump and his Republican cronies rant about whatever it is they’re on about, the economic devastation that was predicted by those on the Right to accompany a Biden presidency is nowhere in sight. The unemployment rate has also continued to fall, reaching 3.8 percent from its previously recorded level of 4 percent, and recently, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits hit its lowest level since 1970 — suggesting that the economic recovery over which Biden and his administration have presided isn’t limited. It’s historic in nature, even with new challenges presented.

As summarized by the Associated Press, “Consumer spending has risen, spurred by higher wages and savings. Restaurant traffic has regained pre-pandemic levels, hotel reservations are up and far more Americans are flying than at the height of omicron” — so across the economy, there are signs of a bounce back to normal, or at least something like it. Although, at least in certain respects, the COVID-19-tied economic recovery package that Biden signed into law last year is thoroughly in the rearview mirror at this point, the bipartisan infrastructure agreement that Biden signed into law at a more recent juncture would essentially double as a jobs bill because of the accessible employment that will be required for the completion of certain funded projects.

President Joe Biden touted the February jobs report in a statement from the White House. As the president put it:

‘Since I took office, the economy has created 7.4 million jobs. That’s 7.4 million jobs providing families with dignity and a little more breathing room. We are building a better America… This progress is the result of the new economic approach I talked about in the State of the Union—grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out. And it’s a result of our success combatting COVID-19 and moving forward safely. While we must tackle head on the challenge families are facing with rising costs, today’s report underscores that the United States is uniquely well positioned to deal with the challenge that inflation has posed across the world as we recover from the pandemic.’

Meanwhile, Trump is sticking by, among other things, his babbling rants about the last presidential election, which he maintains was somehow rigged. Those trying to secure accountability for criminal acts associated with attempts to keep Trump in power are making progress, though. Recently, Joshua James — a member of the far-right group called the Oath Keepers — pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy in connection to the Capitol riot.