Alex Jones Files For Bankruptcy As Downfall Continues


Alex Jones argued that the Sandy Hook School massacre was fake news and he called the shooting “a hoax.” It now appears that he has to pay for his misdeeds in court.

The Sandy Hook parents sued all three of Jones’ companies, including his Infowars web site, which have been bleeding money big time. It appeared that his legal fees have reached $10 million, so he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to avoid paying them.

As a true bottom feeder, Jones has been putting his money into fake companies in a wild attempt to hide it from the courts, according to the U.S. Court System:

‘Filing for Chapter 11 protection allows a corporation or partnership to reorganize. The business may propose a plan to keep running and to pay creditors over a period of time.’

Jones filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, according to The Bloomberg News. Infowars was one of his companies looking at defamation lawsuits. The other two were IWHealth and Prison Planet TV. Just last September Jones lost two lawsuits, because he did not handle the paperwork for the court. Then, he lost another case involving another mass shooting. That time, he would not provide the courts with the information they requested. Those included his financial records, The Daily Beast reported.

Jones’ talk show loop signed onto the reality of the 20 second-graders being blown apart by automatic weaponry. He said that the parents were in fact, just actors. And of course, to top his his hateful conspiracy theory, he blamed a governmental plot intended to rip the guns’ from the hands of Americans.

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As a result of Jones’ nefarious, repeated conspiracy theory, the parents of the dead Sandy Hook children are often confronted by conspiracy theorists promoting the “hoax.” One family has moved time after time, and they all have to survive in hiding.

The Sandy Hook families maintain that Mr. Jones profited from spreading lies about their relatives’ murders. Mr. Jones has disputed that, while for years failing to produce sufficient records to bolster his claims.

The Connecticut judge charged the talk show guy with contempt for refusing to “sit for a deposition.” Indeed, this judge fined him $25,000 per day for failing to show, according to The New York Times.Screen-Shot-2022-04-18-at-9.07.15-AM Alex Jones Files For Bankruptcy As Downfall Continues Education Featured Immigration Politics Social Media Top Stories

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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