Samuel Alito’s Street Fills With Protestors Demanding Abortion Rights


Protesters — reportedly numbering around 100 — showed up at the Alexandria, Virginia residence of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on Monday night. The demonstrators were there to support abortion rights after the emergence of a draft majority opinion Alito wrote that would overturn the legally established nationwide right to an abortion.

The case that provided the backdrop for the leaked opinion Alito wrote deals with a 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi. Ordinarily, states haven’t been allowed to restrict the procedure that early, although Republican officials in Florida seem to be banking on the ban getting upheld by the nation’s highest court. Other abortion restrictions have been imposed in states like Texas and Oklahoma, but in Florida, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a measure into law that, like in Mississippi, bans most abortions after 15 weeks. Florida’s law has no exceptions for cases involving rape or incest, although recent polling indicates most Americans support generally allowing abortions in such situations.

There have also recently been protests at private residences of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts. Kavanaugh was apparently — at least originally — in support of Alito’s draft opinion, while Roberts was the lone Republican-appointed Justice not in favor. Roberts, though, could either shore up or undercut an eventual majority opinion. There’s still time for the Justices to change their views before the court releases its final conclusions. In the meantime, demonstrators at Alito’s home on Monday night lit candles and carried signs proclaiming their abortion rights support. “I would hope it motivates people to the polls… I think what’s more important is building community and increasing grassroots funds for people who actually need access to abortion. There’s only so much you can do with voting,” 22-year-old student and apparent protest participant Heather-Ann Irons said near Alito’s house.

There’s been outrage from voices on the Right over the recent demonstrations at Justices’ houses. “Today’s Democratic Party believes in violence. They believe in mob rule. They believe in intimidation — just like Marxists and Communists, they’re willing to burn our institutions to the ground to get what they want,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said. Reality check: people gathered outside with signs and candles. There have been no reported arrests. Nobody has (as best can be publicly told) tried to get inside these Justices’ houses. For Cruz to suggest that people with candles are among or connected to those “willing to burn our institutions to the ground” is among the most laughably ridiculous things he’s said… this week.

“On January 6 of 2021, you had tens of thousands of people peacefully protesting and yet, the corporate media and Democrats slander them with the made up term insurrectionist,” Cruz added. “And yet in this instance, they are not willing to call off their goons even now as this has the potential to escalate and escalate further.” Is Cruz trying to pretend as though the violence at the Capitol just didn’t happen? Obviously the Capitol rioters are those targeted by the term “insurrectionist,” Ted. And as for the “goons” remark: Democratic leaders aren’t somehow orchestrating or responsible for these protests! Someone organizing demonstrations outside Kavanaugh’s house is among his neighbors. Check out protest footage below: