Trump’s Secretive Hand Written Notes About Jan 6 Coup Revealed


It appears that Donald Trump was right in the middle of planning to overthrow the government. While some of his acolytes will throw themselves in front of the bus for him, others have no problem tossing the ex-president under it. Attorney John Eastman decided to save himself.

A former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Eastman has been called the “architect” of the former president’s hail Mary performed between the time of the 2020 presidential election and when President Joe Biden took office. The attorney admitted that he spoke to the ex-president or to him through “six conduits” just before the failed coup on January 6, 2021, the siege on our American Capitol Building.

Eastman’s attorney Charles Burnham wrote, according to the filing stored in The Court Listener:

‘Dr. Eastman has collaborated on litigation matters with him in the past, and the twelve documents at issue here, addressed to his personal email address rather than his media address, were communications in that capacity.’

Eastman also tried to protect 50 additional emails. These communications were with “state legislators and GOP officials” who asked him to represent them. In addition, the documents included:

 ‘[T]wo hand-written notes from former President Trump about information that he thought might be useful for the anticipated litigation.’

Now, Eastman has been trying to assert attorney-client privilege. However, that will not apply when it was during the commission of a crime, that designation would have been null and void.  The attorney said he talked with the ex-president via phone through the duration of “his legal challenges to the election.”

Burham wrote, The POLITICO reported:

‘Those 50 documents include attorney-client privileged communications with 9 different clients or potential clients who were seeking Dr. Eastman’s legal advice regarding the constitutional authority of state legislatures to deal with election illegality and fraud.’

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Eastman’s attorney wrote that “seven were…state legislators:”

‘Seven were themselves state legislators; one was a party committeewomen and also agent of one of the legislators; and the last was a citizen coordinating information sessions for state legislators. Confidential communications between an attorney and his client are protected even if unrelated to litigation.’

Eastman said these communications were made in order to stop the House January 6 Select Committee from viewing over “600 emails:”

‘[Six-hundred] emails that describe his efforts to build Trump’s legal gambit to reverse the 2020 election outcome — and, when that failed, urge state legislatures to simply overturn the results themselves. He argues that the documents are protected by attorney-client and attorney work product privileges that Congress has no business probing, even as the panel investigates the circumstances that led a mob of Trump supporters to attack the Capitol.’

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As the House January 6 Select Committee approaches the presentation state, the extent of the crimes and their reach continues to expand.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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