Hidden Email Confirming Coup Attempt Obtained By Jan 6 Committee


Things are looking grim for Donald Trump as the January 6 Committee in the course of its investigation received a crucial email. It showed some of the earliest drafts by Trump attorneys on how to overthrow the American government. This particular email was dated December 13, 2020.

The email came from an attorney working for the ex-president. Kenneth Chesebro of New York penned it. The email had been sent to former Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Its revelation showed that there was a very early plan drafted to take over the electoral vote certification and hand it over to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), according to CNN.

The Chesebro email’s value to the investigation was that a federal judge had shown this was, indeed, criminal activity. The Select Committee had been trying to obtain the far-right lawyer John Eastman’s emails and this one came as a result of its members’ investigation. We recall that Eastman was one of the people on stage where the former president spoke to his rally members, ones he had invited to Washington D.C. and urged to head to the nation’s iconic Capitol Building.

As a result of their political tenacity, the Select Committee members acquired hundreds of Eastman’s emails related to Trump and written prior to the failed coup. But there are likely hundreds of additional emails that could reveal more information about how the attorney had been advising the ex-president on how to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Earlier Judge David Carter had written:

‘This may have been the first time members of President Trump’s team transformed a legal interpretation of the Electoral Count Act into a day-by-day plan of action. The draft memo pushed a strategy that knowingly violated the Electoral Count Act, and Dr. Eastman’s later memos closely track its analysis and proposal. The memo is both intimately related to and clearly advanced the plan to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021.’

Chesebro sent the email in question referring to it as “President of the Senate strategy.” The House Select Committee received this email a couple of weeks ago, and it was made public as a result of their work through the courts.

This email drafted his legal opinion that former Vice President Mike Pence should back out of the job of “certifying the election:”

‘[Then] Grassley or another senior Republican could step in to preside over the Senate and essentially set aside Biden’s Electoral College win, giving Trump time to further question his loss in public discourse and in court.’

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Then there was. the “follow-up email:”

‘By January 2, 2021, Chesebro said in a follow-up email that the proposal had largely become irrelevant. It marks just one of several communications and legal arguments in which Trump advisers discussed blocking his loss of the presidency.’

Regardless, the federal judge noted that the attorney’s draft pointed early on how Trump had the attorneys at work. The ex-president wanted to  “throw the January 6 Electoral College certification into chaos.”

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Eastman also worked hard to get Pennsylvania’s Republican officials to toss “thousands of absentee ballots and recount the commonwealth’s popular vote.” It was one piece of the expanding puzzle showing another pathway to hand Trump the election.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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