Rudy Giuliani Has Lengthy Public Meltdown As Law Closes In


Rudy Giuliani wants everybody to know that (according to his telling) he didn’t ask for a pardon from then-President Trump… but it would’ve supposedly been perfectly fine and reasonable if he did.

“Everybody in Washington wants to make me a liar and a crook, and I’m not,” Rudy complained during a recent episode of his podcast. “But I know I have to protect myself. I could’ve asked for a pardon for a very good reason — because I didn’t want to get framed. I know I didn’t do anything wrong. I know I don’t act like they do. I don’t lie like Raskin and Schiff. I don’t take money like Pelosi and Biden and their families. I spent most of my time putting crooks like them in jail. And I’ve acted honorably all my life. But I know they frame people. I know people they framed. So it would’ve been perfectly legitimate to ask for a pardon, not because I’m guilty of anything, but because they’re going to try real hard to make me guilty of something I didn’t do.” You can’t make someone guilty of something they didn’t actually do. Check out Giuliani’s desperation below:

“Ms. Hutchinson, did Rudy Giuliani ever suggest that he was interested in receiving a presidential pardon related to January 6th?” Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), vice chair of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, asked former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson during a recent public committee hearing. “He did,” Hutchinson succinctly replied. For the record, Hutchinson also indicated then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows had also been interested in receiving a presidential pardon from Trump. Hutchinson worked in the White House as a top aide to Meadows at the time of the Capitol violence. Neither Giuliani nor Meadows ended up actually getting a pardon from Trump, although their alleged interest in the possibility suggests awareness of potential criminal liability on their part — no matter Rudy’s excuses about supposedly just trying to avoid an imaginary Democratic framing.

In the course of testimony to the House committee investigating January 6, it’s also come out that a range of Republican members of Congress including Florida’s Matt Gaetz and Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene had pursued presidential pardons from Trump after the last presidential election. Meanwhile, Giuliani was recently subpoenaed for testimony in the ongoing criminal investigation by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis into attempts after the 2020 election by Trump and some of his allies to undercut Biden’s Georgia win. As part of those wide-ranging efforts, Giuliani repeatedly testified before state legislators in Georgia, to whom he pushed false claims about the election.

Wandrea ArShaye “Shaye” Moss, a former Georgia elections worker targeted by Giuliani in his frenzied tirades and claimed by him to have been involved in imaginary fraud, experienced devastating personal impacts from his lies. Individuals showed up at her grandmother’s house, attempting to make a so-called citizen’s arrest over the non-existent fraud.

“I received a call from my grandmother… And she called me screaming at the top of her lungs, like, ‘Shaye, Shaye, oh my gosh, Shaye.’ Just freaking me out saying that there are people at her home and they knocked on the door and of course she opened it seeing who was there, who it was,” Moss said during a hearing of the riot panel. “And they just started pushing their way through, claiming that they were coming in to make a citizen’s arrest. They needed to find me and my mom. They knew we were there. And she was just screaming and didn’t know what to do. And I wasn’t there. So, you know, I just felt so helpless and so horrible for her. And she was just screaming. I told her to close the door. Don’t open the door for anyone.”