Trump Flies Into Petrified Mega-Rant Over FBI Investigation


Donald Trump isn’t taking the Justice Department’s criminal investigation into his handling of government documents — or much else — well.

“So now the con man Special Agent of the FBI has announced, right after getting caught RIGGING the 2020 Presidential Election (and many other things!), and getting blasted by his “bosses,” that it would be a wonderful time for him to “retire,”” Trump ranted Wednesday on Truth Social. “What damage he has done to our nation. Look at us, we have become strictly Third World!” First of all, why does Trump so relentlessly insist on referring to developments he doesn’t like as “third world” conditions? It seems so brazenly racist, since he instantly and incessantly associates supposed political corruption with mostly non-white countries. More broadly, Trump is seemingly trying to reference a former leader at the Washington field office of the FBI, Timothy Thibault, who recently retired. Neither Thibault nor any other FBI agent was actually caught rigging the 2020 presidential election.

Trump’s contention is that the FBI supposedly burying the Hunter Biden laptop story — which it didn’t actually do — amounts to rigging the election. (Thibault was connected to Justice Department investigations into Hunter Biden, a son of the current president.) Trump, clearly having a normal one, added the following on Wednesday: “Congratulations to the many FBI & DOJ Whistleblowers who have flooded the offices of our Senators & Congressmen/women with really bad things to say about what is going on. This is the time, after many years of lawbreaking & unfairness, to clean things up. All things for a reason. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!” It kept going. “The Election was Irrefutably Compromised, Rigged, and Stolen! The “Laptop from Hell” is just additional proof. Our Country is going to hell! So now what?” he added. Recently, Trump has repeatedly called for a new presidential election or a declaration he was the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential race that already happened.

Thibault was escorted out of the building after he retired, which Fox News itself says is simply standard procedure, but Trump sounds certain there’s something more going on. “People that “retire” from the FBI aren’t perp walked out of the Headquarters Building on a hot, sunny afternoon in August, after being screamed at and ridiculed by his bosses,” Donald added Wednesday. “Like the Laptop, this was the FIRING FROM HELL!” Why are they so bad at coming up with catchy, non-cringeworthy political catchphrases? “Laptop from hell,” “firing from hell,” “make America great again, again” — what’s next? “Down with turkey sandwiches”? Thibault “was walked out of the building on Friday, which is standard procedure, per the source,” as Fox reported it.

Trump also had something to say about the Justice Department investigation, including a photo showing a series of government documents recovered in the recent raid of Mar-a-Lago. The image was included in a recent Justice Department court filing. “Terrible the way the FBI, during the Raid of Mar-a-Lago, threw documents haphazardly all over the floor (perhaps pretending it was me that did it!), and then started taking pictures of them for the public to see,” Trump angrily ranted. “Thought they wanted them kept Secret? Lucky I Declassified!” Does Donald Trump have any comprehension of anything going on around him at all, ever? The point is: the image, in its public form, includes redactions. The FBI didn’t reveal sensitive contents of the documents, which Trump is claiming without hard evidence to back up his contentions that he declassified.

“Whatever happened to NUCLEAR, a word that was leaked early on by the FBI/DOJ to the Fake News Media!” Trump also complained, stretching his angry rant on Wednesday morning past an hour. A report in The Washington Post indicated federal personnel were concerned about nuclear weapons-related materials potentially remaining at Trump’s property. Obviously, agents aren’t going to publicly spell out in detail everything they found when actually searching the place.