Trump Gets Torched By Liz Cheney For Betraying America


With minutes to spare Tuesday night, the Department of Justice (DOJ) turned in its 36-page response against Donald Trump’s request for a special master. That is an apolitical individual who sorts through the top secret documents the ex-president spirited away. Early this morning Liz Cheney tweeted that stealing the top secret documents and very casually storing them was ‘indefensible conduct.’

Cheney serves as the vice chair of the House January 6 Select Committee. She risked her career to investigate Trump and to save America’s democracy. Trump condemned her and actively worked against the representative’s return to the House. Cheney lost in her primary, but she still wields remarkable power from her January 6 committee seat.

Part of the DOJ’s argument against Trump’s request was to maintain the integrity of the investigation and to protect the highly sensitive nature of the stolen documents. Lives were at risk as long as the documents were unprotected.

The FBI found the documents scattered all about his golf club/residence Mar-a-Lago, located in Palm Beach, Florida. Some files were loose in his desk. And there was even a box of the documents hidden in Trump’s bedroom closet.

The ultra-secret documents shown below were discovered in the ex-president’s desk located in his private quarters. It will be hard to defend Trump when the evidence was strewn all over his place. Cheney tweeted:

‘Yet more indefensible conduct by Donald Trump revealed this morning.’

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There is a good reason Cheney was smiling this morning, and “King” Donald was not.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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