8 Russian Military Depots Destroyed In Ukrainian Counteroffensive


Ukrainian troops are obtaining initial signs of success in their currently unfolding counteroffensive operations targeting Russian soldiers in Ukrainian territory they occupy, including parts of the Kherson region in the south.

Much earlier in the war, Russian forces captured the city of Kherson, which is the regional capital, and Putin’s troops now hold substantial portions of the immediately adjacent area — but Ukrainian forces are progressing. According to CNN, Ukrainian troops are aiming to recapture Kherson (the city), along with surrounding areas like Nova Kakhovka, by the end of the year. “The last week has seen the most ambitious ground assaults by the Ukrainians since the beginning of the invasion, following sustained attacks on command posts, ammunition stores, and fuel reserves far behind the front lines, according to geolocation of video and satellite imagery,” CNN reported Wednesday. Ukrainian military personnel are focusing some of their strikes on Russian storage facilities, impacting the ability of Russian troops, who continue losing personnel and equipment at substantial rates, to perpetrate aggression in the future.

The press secretary for the U.S. Defense Department, Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, confirmed some of the Ukrainians’ recent successes in their expansive counteroffensive operation recently touted around Kherson. “What we’ve seen in the Kherson region first is some continued offensive operations by the Ukrainians,” he said. “They continue to make some forward movement. We are aware that they have retaken some villages.” Ukraine’s army is increasing its push against Russian troops around Kherson and in eastern portions of the country, including the Donetsk region, which Russian soldiers have evidently never fully captured. A September 7 update from Ukrainian military leadership about Russian losses in the war from the preceding day indicated the Russian military’s most heavy Tuesday losses were sustained in the Donetsk area. Outside of the south, Ukrainian troops are also pushing forward in the Kharkiv area, per CNN.

Citing U.S. officials, CNN connected recent increases in Ukrainian counteroffensive operations in the east to a hope of thwarting any Russian attempts to move troops towards the Kherson area in response to recent operations. CNN also says Ukrainian troops are working on a lengthy front in the country’s south that extends more than 100 miles, which could further complicate any Russian attempts to push back. A recent update from Ukrainian military leadership outlined some of the wide range of what Ukraine’s troops are striking on the Russian side. “At the same time, electronic reconnaissance and combat equipment, communication stations, pontoon and ferry crossings, eight ammunition depots of various levels were destroyed, significantly reducing the enemy’s ability to conduct offensive actions,” the update said, summarizing recent actions by the Ukrainian military. At this point, there’s no certain end in sight to the war between Russia and Ukraine, which could continue for a substantial period of time. CNN said current Ukrainian operations are “expected” to continue into the spring of next year.