Move To QuestionTrump Lawyers By U.S. Prosecutors Under Consideration


Trump lawyers including Christina Bobb and Evan Corcoran, the latter of whom is a former federal prosecutor, may face questioning before a grand jury working on U.S. Justice Department investigations into issues related to Trump’s corruption.

“They’re going to try to flip witnesses,” journalist David Rohde remarked during an appearance on MSNBC, discussing the scope of investigations, which include probes of January 6 and related circumstances alongside the Justice Department investigation that led to the FBI raid of Trump’s southern Florida property known as Mar-a-Lago, where agents recovered classified documents despite a previous, signed assurance from Bobb that everything marked classified and still at Mar-a-Lago was getting returned to federal authorities. “A key thing… is the jeopardy that his lawyers in the Mar-a-Lago case face. I think they want to put them before the grand jury, Corcoran and Bobb, get them to answer questions under oath. They will either implicate Donald Trump, saying, ‘Donald Trump told me all the classified documents had been turned over when they had not.’ And if they lie, they will have implicated themselves in a crime.” Rohde cited comments from at least one source amid his broader discussion. Watch below:

Bobb is a former host on One America News, which is a far-right, pro-Trump media outlet that recently became mired in substantial difficulties as it got dropped from major cable line-ups. A filing from the Justice Department indicates that, in the context of a June trip by high-ranking department officials to Mar-a-Lago for the retrieval of documents marked classified and covered by an earlier subpoena demanding the return of government materials identified by a variety of classification markings, both Bobb and Corcoran were involved with trying to convince authorities an appropriately diligent search was conducted and everything the subpoena covered was getting produced for the feds.

Corcoran indicated “all available boxes were searched,” as the filing summarizes it. “This search was conducted after receipt of the subpoena, in order to locate any and all documents that are responsive to the subpoena,” Bobb’s statement adds. “Any and all responsive documents accompany this certification.” Responsive documents mean those covered by the subpoena. A piece of federal law against obstructing government investigations was already cited in lists of potential criminal violations driving the documents probe and search of Mar-a-Lago. According to source revelations provided to The Washington Post, Bobb will no longer be actively involved in Trump’s legal defense.