Hillary Clinton Shames Ron DeSantis For Trafficking Migrants


This week, another surprising scene unfolded with the arrival in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, of dozens of migrants who started out in Texas — and whose travel was facilitated by the administration of Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis’s team isn’t the first to recently set up transports for migrants taking them into northern portions of the country (specifically some of those known for Democratic leans). There are documented lacks in the resources needed to suddenly care for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of migrants in certain northern areas, where migrants don’t normally arrive in these kinds of numbers and in such a way. The individuals bused or flown to northern locales like Martha’s Vineyard and New York City potentially have no prior connections in the areas at all, and in the DeSantis-backed trip to Massachusetts, local authorities evidently didn’t even receive prior notification, demolishing any idea that a sincere interest in ensuring the most effective care for these disadvantaged individuals drove preparations.

“Joe, you have laid out the craziness of the time in which we’re living, where some politicians would rather not only have an issue, but exacerbate it to the extent of literally human trafficking, as you said,” Hillary Clinton remarked on MSNBC Friday to co-host Joe Scarborough. “And so many other Americans — I happen to believe still the majority of Americans are goodhearted and generous, and when people end up on their doorstep in need, they’re going to respond. They’re going to feed them and house them.” Locals in Martha’s Vineyard turned out to support the migrants DeSantis ensured showed up this week without needed support systems in place. Check out Clinton’s remarks below:

At least some of the migrants who were flown to Massachusetts have also indicated they received false promises of shelter and work opportunities in attempts at getting them to join the trip (which wasn’t compulsory). In some kind of attempt to draw attention to immigration-related concerns — or something, authorities in Texas and Arizona have also set up travel for a total of thousands of migrants to northern cities in recent months, and this week, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom asked for a criminal probe by the U.S. Justice Department, citing potential kidnapping and civil rights offenses. U.S. attorneys are exploring their options, an official told Reuters.