IRS Goes After Trump Tax Documents Via US Supreme Court


Donald Trump continues the fight to have his federal taxes remain private but now the Treasury and the IRS are asking SCOTUS to stand aside.

The feds filed a legal brief noting that the former president’s emergency request for yet another delay to be ignored. They wrote, according to CNBC:

‘[The delay] cannot satisfy the demanding standard for that extraordinary relief.’

The Treasury and the IRS filed its injunction nine days following Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision to go ahead and block the House Ways and Means Committee from receiving Trump’s tax returns, along with his related business documents. This would temporarily overturn a lower court’s decision to order the former White House resident to comply.

The IRS and Treasury in a legal brief said that Trump’s emergency request for a delay “cannot satisfy the demanding standard for that extraordinary relief.”

The House Ways and Means Committee was the entity that sought 45’s tax documents. This committee also filed a lawsuit requesting SCOTUS  not give in to Trump’s traditional ploy of delay, delay, delay.

And the committee also asked the higher court to hear the lower court rulings against the former president. The Democratic-heavy committee’s attorneys wrote:

‘Further review from this Court is unwarranted, so there necessarily is no basis to issue emergency relief pending appeal.’

Trump went to the Supreme Court where he appointed three of the justices. His attorneys wanted SCOTUS to rule on whether the ex-president could appeal a lower court’s request for his tax documents. The reason that the committee wanted Trump’s tax returns released from the Treasury Department was the department’s ongoing investigation into the way that the IRS audits a president’s taxes.

The Ways and Means Committee has said it wants the returns from the Treasury Department as part of a probe of how the IRS audits presidential taxes. Presidential tax returns are automatically audited each year by law.

Thus far, Trump lost all lawsuits in Washington, D.C.’s federal court and the U.S. Appeals Court for the District of Columbia. All in a furious attempt to acquire the former president’s tax returns. The ex-president simply did not comply.

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The solicitor general wrote:

‘But for nearly a century, this Court has refused to entangle the judiciary in such inquiries into ‘the motives alleged to have prompted a congressional request that is otherwise supported by a valid legislative purpose.’


By rule of law, the president’s tax returns are audited annually.

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