Hillary Clinton Issues Election Day Rallying Cry To Elect Sen Warnock


As the runoff in Georgia for their remaining Senate seat and with Democrats currently holding a 50-49 majority in the Senate, former presidential candidate, senator, and secretary of state Hillary Clinton tweeted her support of Rev. Sen. Herschel Walker, who is running against Republican Herschel Walker. Although Clinton never mentioned Walker’s name, her compliments for Warnock spoke volumes about his challenger.

Clinton is correct that Walker has made public statements against the expansion of healthcare access, has failed to respond to calls for better access to the ballot box amidst the GOP’s attempts to block voting rights, and to questions about workers’ rights. However, her comment about Warnock being a good man begs the question: does she mean that his opponent is not a good man?

He certainly does not appear to be. As claims of domestic violence continue to come forward from Walker’s family and former girlfriends, it seems he is far from a good man, making Clinton’s comments all the more accurate. Walker’s ex-girlfriend, who dated him just three years ago in 2019, told The Daily Beast that he used his diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (also know as multiple personality disorder) to “justify lying, cheating, and ultimately destroying families.”

‘He’s a pathological liar. Absolutely. But it’s more than that…He knows how to manipulate his disease, in order to manipulate people, while at times being simultaneously completely out of control.’

Walker’s comments on healthcare access are certainly problematic. During his only debate against his opponent, Walker indicated that he has no idea how healthcare works in Georgia or in the United States in general. His comments implied that all workers already have healthcare and that government officials have better healthcare than anyone who receives healthcare benefits from the government. He fails to understand that government officials also receive government-sponsored healthcare.

‘Right now, people have coverage for healthcare. It’s according to what kind of coverage do you want, because if you have an able-bodied job, you’re gonna have healthcare, but everyone else have healthcare is the type of healthcare you’re gonna get. And I think that is the problem. And what Sen. Warnock want you to do is depend on the government. What I want you to do is get off the government healthcare and get on the healthcare he’s got and get you better healthcare, so that’s why I’m trying to do to make you independent rather than dependent.’

Walker has also said that he believes abortion access should be banned federally and without any exceptions for rape and incest. He has denied making those statements despite video of him saying exactly that. He has also faced criticism from former girlfriends who say Walker pressured them to have abortions when they discovered they were pregnant with his children and that he paid for some of those abortions.

According to CNN and in videos recording the statements, Walker said:

‘”So, I said, “I believe in life.” I believe in life. And I said, you know, “if anyone wants to have an exception,” I said, “Not in my book.” I said, “I’m sorry. I feel bad for anyone that’s a victim of any kind of crime.” I do. I feel like that. That is terrible and that’s horrible, but we deal with that as it comes.But right now, to say that it is OK for a woman to kill her baby when they said, “Thou shall not kill,” and I said, “I can’t square, I can’t get around that.” So, I will always vote for what my religious beliefs tell me. … Not what people tell me to do just to go along to get along.’