Mom Of Fallen DC Officer Rips ‘Two-Faced’ McCarthy & McConnell


Gladys Sicknick, the mother of the late Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, provided an emotional condemnation on Tuesday of the complicity in Trump’s destructiveness held by Republican leaders in Congress including Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.

Neither have taken much substantive action since last year’s Trump-incited attack enveloped the Capitol to actually hold Trump personally accountable for his direct involvement in what happened. The participants in the violence who have explicitly tied what they did to Trump didn’t all get together and come up with a fake story ahead of time. They marched — and attacked — literally under the Trump banner, and Trump has since called for the release of all those detained in connection to the riot. “They’re just two-faced,” Gladys Sicknick said of the Congressional leaders. “I’m just tired of them standing there and saying how wonderful the Capitol Police is, and then they turn around and… go down to Mar-a-Lago and kiss his ring and come back… It just, it just hurts.”

Sicknick participated in a ceremony Tuesday at which the Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to the Capitol Police and D.C. city police department for helping defend the Capitol. She and surviving sons of hers refused to shake hands with McCarthy and McConnell, who were on stage. “They came out right away and condemned what happened on January 6, and whatever hold that Trump has on them, they’ve backstepped, they’ve danced,” one of Sicknick’s brothers said Tuesday at the scene of the ceremony when asked about his disinterest in McCarthy and McConnell. “They won’t admit to wrongdoing — not necessarily them themselves, but of Trump, of the rioters… Unlike Liz Cheney, they have no idea what integrity is. They can’t stand up for what’s right and wrong. With them, it’s party first.” He also noted how Texas GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert has presented someone who participated in the riot with a flag that flew over the Capitol building.

Brian Sicknick died shortly after participating in the defense of the Capitol last year, and revelations from those who were close to him have previously indicated that then-President Trump, who in his presidential position is often tasked with serious responsibilities after someone dies in public service, didn’t even bother calling the Sicknick family, and there’s no apparent indication he’s changed that in recent weeks or months. It was determined Brian died of what the medical examiner termed natural causes, but the assaults he suffered at the Capitol, including with chemical irritants, could have contributed to his condition. All “that transpired played a role in his condition,” the local medical examiner acknowledged. The deaths of other officers who participated in defending the Capitol and later died by suicide have also been connected to the Capitol violence itself.